Yoga: which to choose, benefits for each type of posture, exercises

Yoga: which to choose, benefits for each type of posture, exercises
Yoga: which to choose, benefits for each type of posture, exercises

What type of yoga to choose? Bikram, Vinyasa or Hatha, to each his yoga to be good in his body and his mind.

Yoga, born in India thousands of years ago, is practiced by more than 2.8 million people in France.

This discipline which is more and more emulated is to perform a set of postures and breathing exercises to acquire a physical and mental well-being. There is no contraindication. It is enough to adapt the exercises according to his state of health. Open up your chakras to discover the different types of yoga.

The benefits of yoga
Practicing yoga is great for the body and mind. In addition to improving breathing and breathing, it helps to reduce stress and see life in a more serene way. It allows to be more connected to the present moment and to work on the concentration. If it is practiced regularly, it develops the flexibility and the elasticity of the muscles. Obviously, some sequences and postures offer a real strengthening muscle for a gradual loss of weight but in the long term.

Yoga postures and exercises for beginners
The lotus posture: sit, fold your legs in lotus or tailor. Stand upright and join hands in front of your chest before placing them on your lap.
The posture of the tree: stand up, fix a point in front of you. Anchor a leg in the ground. The other leg bends while the sole of the foot is positioned on the inner side of the opposite thigh.
The child’s posture: on all fours, lower the hips towards the heels and ankles then release the arms on the ground, palms to the sky.
The warrior’s posture: stand up, spread your right leg to the side and turn the foot 45 °. The other foot does not move. Put your arms at the shoulders, then bend your right knee as if you were going to make a lunge. The look is far off.
Sun Salutation is one of the best-known exercises. It combines 12 asanas (postures) and should be performed 8 to 12 times a day.
What kind of yoga is right for me?

1. Hatha yoga, the original yoga
The moon and the sun, the yin and the yang … This method consists in gathering the most antipodic energies. Moreover, the other yogas have their origins in it. The principle: to seek balance and well-being physiological and anatomical, all at once. How? ‘Or’ What ? By adopting postures, studied to soften the joints, learn to place his breathing and gain concentration, while paying great attention to his gestures. This practice also aims to be attentive to oneself, and therefore to others. And with so many virtues, Hatha yoga would not it be the royal way of well-being?

2. The Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, energetic                                                                                   Ultra dynamic version of Hatha yoga, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are followers! Its success is due to its multiple therapeutic benefits. Based on synchronized breathing and movement, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga significantly improves cardio-respiratory performance. The session is designed in 3 stages: alignment of the body, cleaning of the nervous system and work on flexibility. A complete program that, in addition, sculpts the silhouette!

3. Vishranta yoga, relaxing
Need relaxation and sweetness? Vishranta yoga is the method for you. As the body abandons itself with ground exercises, the mind remains awake. The student then becomes fully aware of the breathing and sensations. It eliminates the small evils related to stress and finds an absolute fullness.

4. Iyengar yoga, sporty
Neophytes, abstain! Based on the “asanas”, the postures, and the “pranayama”, the breath, this method requires a lot of rigor and a good hygiene of life. She focuses on the alignment of the body. Blocks of foam, chairs and belts help to maintain themselves in different postures. The key is a natural breathing and purification of the body, released toxins accumulated daily.

5. Vidyaa yoga, psychic
Good for strengthening the mind, this practice allows you to refocus on yourself and stimulates concentration. In the program ? Postures that follow a soundtrack with fast but regular rhythms. A great way to learn how to join forces so you do not lose a beat.

6. Yoga Nidra, pointed
In Sanskrit, the language of Indian culture, yoga Nidra means sleep yoga. It does however require a few years of practice … The principle? Infiltrate the state of unconsciousness of the rest to stoke the energy and to display a better vitality. How? ‘Or’ What ? With meditation sessions where letting go is required, to promote falling asleep.

7. Laughter yoga, euphoric
The benefits of a beautiful burst of laughter are numerous. That’s why Hasya Yoga, Laughter Yoga, is an integral part of traditional yoga. It is practiced in groups of preference, to favor the effect of contagion. The abdominal and facial muscles are then severely tested and the body, for its part, fills with positive energy. Bye bye the stress!

8. Bikram yoga, detoxifying
A room heated to 40 ° C and not less than twenty-six postures to chain. The principle of Bikram yoga is simple: reconcile breath, movement and warmth to stimulate the evacuation of toxins. Originally, this method was dedicated to the simple stretching of the muscles. The practice in heated room has made it more caliente! Prepare to sweat!

9. Prenatal yoga
Ideal to prepare for childbirth, this method has pulled Hatha yoga postures beneficial to the arrival of baby. The movements evolve according to the moments of the pregnancy. Based on breath control, prenatal yoga delivers keys to give birth as calmly as possible.

10. Egyptian yoga, therapeutic
Back ache ? Here is a method that will please you! Egyptian yoga has the same benefits as Hatha Yoga. However, it is based on specific postures, characterized by verticality. It is excellent for the maintenance, and especially for the rehabilitation of the spine. What to find harmony, back major!

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