When do i have to apply my solar protection ?

As important as the level of protection, the timing of the application is essential! It is different according to the routine and the chosen products. Explanations. 
Your sun protection is now at the heart of your beauty routine. But when to integrate it into your protocol of care? Should sunscreen be applied before or after my daily moisturizer? Clean, heal, moisturize, protect. In the morning, gently clean, then apply your serums with active ingredients (such as vitamin C or glycolic acid), then switch to moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup. Thus the moisturizing actives penetrate the epidermis before the solar protective film. You will need to use a thick enough layer and reapply the sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours if you stay outdoors for optimal protection.
Powder or lotion?

If you use sunscreen cream or lotion, apply it after your moisturizer. Be careful, if you mix it with your moisturizer, you will dilute it and lose its protective capacity. Moreover, sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can be a little dry. Hence the interest of applying a moisturizer before. If you use a sunscreen powder, it can be applied on makeup, much like a finishing powder. Its advantage? It can be easily reapplied throughout the day, without worrying about erasing your make-up.
Mineral filters or chemical filters?
A sunscreen is called mineral when it is composed of mineral UV filters and not chemical or organic filters. These two versions work differently. Chemical filters, composed of organic molecules, penetrate the epidermis to absorb UV in place of the skin. While the mineral filters do not penetrate the epidermis; they are deposited on the skin, like a screen, to reflect the UV rays. Be careful, the chemical filters only work half an hour after the application! Plan it in your organization. This is the time they need to penetrate the skin. The creams with mineral filters act on it right after the application. In addition, sunscreens based on chemicals degrade more quickly when you are exposed to the sun, so remember to return regularly. Thus, if you intend to leave wearing make-up using a sunscreen, prefer those composed of mineral filters.


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