What are the best outdoor sports?

What are the best outdoor sports?
What are the best outdoor sports?

Working on your summer body without locking yourself in a gym, it’s possible! Coach Lucile Woodward gives us all her tips on how to get started.

In recent years, outdoor sports have attracted more and more people. Why such a success? Because it is above all the possibility to discover new landscapes even in the effort. In fact, these outdoor activities combine sport and nature fun. Spend time at the waterfront, meditate in lush gardens, climb to heights to enjoy a 360° view… What could be more exciting? Outdoor sports will make the biggest lazy girls wear jogging and sneakers. But be careful, like any physical activity it is important for our health to follow some rules. For even though nature offers us beautiful moments of relaxation, it can sometimes put obstacles in our way. To protect against dust, flying insects and UV rays, it is essential to have a quality pair of glasses. The same goes for adapted sports clothes that help our body to stay at a good temperature. Finally, staying hydrated regularly is essential! Discover our selection of outdoor sports to exercise in the middle of nature.

Thank you, Lucile Woodward, qualified sports coach, author of the perfect program for the summer Body By Lucile Summer 2019.

The bicycle

Benefits: On the podium of the most beneficial sport, cycling takes first place. “The bike greatly muscles the thighs, especially the front of the thighs, but also the buttocks, calves and abdominal strap,” explains Lucile Woodward. Her plus: it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical abilities.

The coach’s advice: “Try to make the most of the effort to pull the pedals, this will engage the Ishio-leg muscles – the muscles of the back of the thighs – and thus promote a nice harmony in the silhouette of the leg”

Where to practice: Everywhere!

The trail

What is it? The perfect mix between the running hiking, trail riding seduces adventure lovers. Designed as a running race, trail riding takes place over a long distance in a natural environment (mountain, dirt roads, forest, etc.). A real immersion in the heart of nature, the pitfalls can be numerous (rock to climb, water to jump, etc.).

The benefits: This race makes it possible to strengthen the legs very intensely, more precisely the calves, the quadriceps, the buttocks, and the abs. It also improves posture and balance.

The coach’s advice: Especially one does not start the trail without preparation. Upstream, one gets used to running on fields identical to those of the trail. Otherwise, in sports halls with a sports coach working agility»


The benefits: Running helps build muscle. This sport makes legs, calves, thighs, and buttocks work a lot. In addition to the body, running muscle the heart.

The coach’s advice: You have to work on the placement of the feet. Try to run without attacking by the heel but rather by the middle of the foot. This facilitates better foot posture.”


Benefits: The hike greatly strengthens the buttocks, provided you take the time to position your feet. This sport makes it possible to work all the bodies.

The coach’s advice: It is necessary to equip oneself with a good pair of walking shoes with spikes, exit the little sneakers. If you’re not really comfortable, walking sticks can be a good ally. They transfer body weight from about 20% to 30% in the upper body. The effort becomes more cardio and the legs are lighter.”

The Accrobranche

Benefits: The crop branch makes agility work. With the zip line, our muscles get active. Lifting the legs strengthens the abdominal belt. More than purely physical, this sport promotes self-transcendence, listening and mutual help.


Benefits: Thanks to the veil, the back muscles heat up! To hold the traction, back, and abdominal strapwork. Legs are also required to maintain balance.

Coach’s tips: “Work on the sheathing, back muscles and be patient.”


Benefits: Surfing is a physical activity that engages the whole body, including shoulders, back, and abs/buttocks. But that’s not all, this activity is also anticellulite. Indeed, the simple fact of raising the waves with the board creates real lymphatic drainage.

Rock Climbing

The Benefits: Climbing will focus on upper-body strength. With each new step, we receive a self-satisfaction shot. Climbing stimulates both our mind and our body and works our flexibility.

The coach’s advice: «To have the most fun on the day-d, it is necessary to prepare physically either in climbing rooms with blocks or with sessions of muscular strengthening access high of the body»


What is it? Also known as “whitewater swimming”, hydrospeed is actually a sports activity for sliding. The principle: using palms, the sportsman is lying on a foam board to descend a river while trying to surf the waves.

Benefits: This activity causes abdominals to work very hard. Thanks to its contact with water, hydrospeed allows muscle building and strengthens endurance.

Coach’s tips: Work on the abdominal strap sheathing to maintain proper posture during the activity. You’ll have to do abs!”

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