Want a women’s bodybuilding program to do at home? Here are perfect exercises!

Want a women's bodybuilding program to do at home? Here are perfect exercises!
Want a women's bodybuilding program to do at home? Here are perfect exercises!

Need a woman bodybuilding program to do at home? Here are some home fitness exercises that restore fishing for sure!
When work and family life take over, doing home fitness exercises for a woman quickly becomes a necessity. Designed to strengthen our body, these home-made bodybuilding exercises can be the perfect solution for us!

We do not have to spend hours at the gym to improve our physical condition. Three hours a week of fitness exercises at home are enough to reap the benefits of our efforts. We will be physically stronger and sharp; Through a home fitness program, we will have better daily habits, improving our health and morale. Bodybuilding exercises for women at home is also less painful joints, have knees and a back stronger with more sheathed. Women tend to flee bodybuilding exercises at home, wrongly, for fear of taking too much muscle. Our body produces less testosterone than men, it is simply impossible for us to transform ourselves into a musclor.

Bodybuilding exercises for women at home: the benefits

Weight loss: our body burns calories more efficiently as we gain lean mass and lose fat (muscles consume more energy). Coupled with a healthy diet, home fitness exercises help women avoid muscle loss.

Stronger Bones: A home-body weight training program also improves musculoskeletal health, as our bone density increases when we lift loads, preventing calcium loss and therefore the fragility often associated with osteoporosis. appears with age.

Better health: A home fitness program can help you control potentially serious health problems such as cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, heart problems and diabetes.
– Sleep: Studies have shown that bodybuilding at home improves the quality of sleep because it helps us fall asleep faster and more deeply.

More energy: our body continues to burn calories beyond the bodybuilding session. In the United States, Dr. Erik Kirk of the University of Southern Illinois demonstrated that on average, participants burned 500 extra calories a day by doing only 11 minutes of daily weight training.

Fitness exercises at home: diversify

The fitness exercises for women to do at home are various and varied: do not hesitate to try several to find the ones that suit us best. Nevertheless, before starting, consult our doctor and initiate us with a coach.
Here are some very effective home fitness exercises.

Fitness elastics: very suitable when you start homebuilding exercises, they are cheap and offer good resistance. Versatile and flexible, we can adjust them as we grow stronger. Light and easy to carry for a woman, they are perfect if we are limited storage or if we travel a lot.

Dumbbells: the ideal solution to quickly build up at home when you are a woman. Be careful to position our body when we use this type of weight. For beginners, use a coach for a few sessions and adopt a fitness program at home adapted to our physical condition and our goals.

Weight machines: they are particularly suitable for beginners in home fitness exercises, because they impose a fixed movement, while allowing to choose the level of resistance. We therefore have more control over the movement.

Swedish Gymnastics: This form of home-body weight training is based on body weight using movements such as push-ups, squats, push-ups and double bars, or dips. If we think it’s easy, let’s beware! Performed correctly, Swedish gymnastics is ideal for getting fit and losing weight.

Pilates: this technique muscle the body and develops flexibility and endurance through controlled movements. It is very popular with women because it sharpens the muscles in the long run. There are two types of Pilates: on carpets or with devices.

Yoga: all categories of yoga are very good supplements to our home fitness program for women. All by itself, this sport is an intense physical exercise, very good to get back into shape. Whatever the type of yoga chosen, most postures allow you to build muscles, while improving flexibility and mobility.

Kettlebell: this accessory is perfect if we already practice bodybuilding at home and want to move to the next level. Attention, as for the dumbbells, it is important to learn the movements from a professional. The most common gestures are “swing,” or swaying, up and down motion, standing up while brandishing the Kettlebell, and snatching, or snatching. Most movements are explosive. Our center of gravity is displaced, we are forced to continually mobilize our muscles to maintain balance, allowing to work the whole body.

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