Vitamin C : why your skin needs a cure

Vitamin C : why your skin needs a cure
Vitamin C : why your skin needs a cure

Difficult awakenings, tiredness during the day, low morale: all signs that push us to do a vitamin cure in the heart of winter. But do you know that your skin too may need to receive vitamin C from time to time, if not all the time? Effects and tips for use: we explain everything.

We see arise in our beauty rays all kinds of serums, creams and facial cleansers whose flagship ingredient is vitamin C. We know its virtues to boost the body, but when we know that only 1/3 of vitamin C that we absorb is available for the skin, we understand that it may be useful to apply it in topical form.

“Star of the anti-aging prevention, vitamin C acts on several fronts, explains Emmanuelle Moirand, scientific director at Clinique. This powerful antioxidant is ultra-effective to reduce the production of free radicals that attack our cells and make them age prematurely, all By strengthening collagen production for anti-wrinkle action, it also inhibits the formation of melanin that causes pigmentary irregularities for a lighter, brighter complexion. ”

If its action is quite impressive, vitamin C has a drawback: in the lab, it is a real headache for formulators. Particularly unstable, it does not support water, UV or heat and tends to oxidize very quickly and lose efficiency. This is why it is often kept in “airless” packaging and protected from light. At Clinique, it mixes with your serum or your day cream in the form of small drops and is used within 15 days after opening. This allows its high dosage at 10% for maximum effectiveness (Fresh Pressed Booster Daily Vitamin C Pure). A trick to find it among the ingredients: scan “Ascorbic acid” in the INCI list and make sure it does not appear at the bottom!
Good to know: a vitamin C derivative, more stable and proven effective, is also regularly exploited by cosmetic brands (like Ren and his new Cream Gel Daily Glow): ” Ascorbyl Glucoside “.
Vitamin C is often associated with vitamin E because both have a complementary action and act synergistically.

How to use it ? In cure if you are between 20 and 35, whether you live in the city or smoke, and want to regain some radiance. The advantage: we see the effects from 10 days of daily application, but the cure can be up to 1 month, the time of a cell renewal cycle. The right timing: in the stress and fatigue phases, the changes of season or the return of holidays.
If you have a more mature skin, nothing prevents you from applying each morning to protect your skin from oxidation. “Coupled with the application of a vitamin A (Retinol) treatment in the evening, it’s the ideal anti-aging combo!” Says Emmanuelle Moirand.

If Vitamin C is not irritating, it can become so if it is associated with AHAs (exfoliating fruit acids) at acidic pH or vitamin A less well tolerated by fine dry skinned epidermis. Better then use it in the morning, mixed with a cream and reserve these other assets for the evening.

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