Victoria Beckham announces the return of this trend of the 90s?

Victoria Beckham announces the return of this trend of the 90s?
Victoria Beckham announces the return of this trend of the 90s?

Victoria Beckham plays the card of nostalgia to embody a flagship product of her beauty brand and is reborn Posh Spice Girls.

Victoria Beckham may have declined the invitation to participate in the Spice Girls tour this summer but she does not forget her character Posh. Better yet, she uses it to promote her new beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty. A return to the sources in sum. Launched in September, in London Fashion Week, its eponymous brand was used to sublimate the models that paraded for its spring-summer 2020 collection. The opportunity to highlight the different shades and products imagined. We then discovered a range largely inspired by the beauty codes of Victoria Beckham. From pure nude shades to dark and glamorous shades, the stylist offers everything needed to reproduce her smoky eyes. And to highlight its new products, the former singer goes further by invoking the era of Spice Girls.


Victoria Beckham posted on her Instagram account a photo of the 90’s, dated from the golden age of the famous girls band. Cut to the signature square, eyebrows ultra waxed and lips dressed with gloss … Age of twenty years, the one who was nicknamed Posh makeup. At this time, Victoria Beckham already displays her smoky eyes and dark nude mouth and visible lip outline. She explains how to wear this trend today that is emulated by stars like Lily-Rose Depp. The former singer says her post: “Posh likes to use Victoria Beckham Beauty’s # 2 and # 3 lip pencil. And what is your perfect nude? Kisses VB “. The star draws her inspiration from the past and makes a nice wink to the band that made her famous. This character remains inseparable from his story. She also proves that her affinities in terms of make-up are not new and that she has simply gone through the times while keeping her signature. And his followers commented: “Oh my god, posh already knew,” “Goddess,” “Posh was my favorite Spice Girls,” “Posh reborn” or “I miss the 90s.”

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