Trend : Stickers to hide buttons


As to get of this button of button with a touch of corrector, pourquoi ne pas plutôt à decorer à l’aide d’autocollants amusants?

Having acne is certainly not one of those most enjoyable experiences. Faced with this “ordeal”, you may have already tried everything: crush it until it explodes, hide it under a good dose of corrector, test countless routines and supposedly miraculous pills, until finally decide never to apply anything to your face again. At a time when we speak of self-acceptance and even skinpositivity, assume its buttons may be finally the best solution to consider. But if you still have trouble showing off your skin naturally, there is now a way to make them more “aesthetic” while treating them.

Many brands are indeed specialized in the marketing of patches or stickers stickers funny and colorful designs, to apply on your buttons to “decorate” and treat at the same time. This is particularly the case of Squish Beauty or Starface who offer stickers in the shape of flowers or stars and which operate on the same principle as a hydrocolloid dressing. Once applied to the pimples, they can be treated more quickly by absorbing fluids that can escape, purifying them and limiting the proliferation of bacteria. Count a break time of approximately 6 to 8 hours for an optimal result. Squish describes its patches as “non-drying, non-irritating and even designed for the most sensitive skin” when Starface advocates products “cruelty-free, vegan, oil-free and suitable for pregnant and lactating women”. Even more original, the stickers of the brand Truly Beauty contain them CBD and are shaped like a cannabis leaf. Even Sephora has started designing patches with various and varied forms, completely regressive, and infused this time with anti-imperfections like salicylic acid or essential oil of tea-tree. Enough to eradicate buttons “nascent or installed” by drying them.

Designed to be totally instagrammable, these stickers are to wear both day and night. As a new way to take acne by drawing attention to it, but still cheating a little. A solution that wants to be deliberately fun and that turns out to be a rather nice alternative, especially for the youngest, when acne appears. We’re not quite sure we’ll be ready to go out with stickers on the face, but we’ll certainly try the night away experience in pajamas out of sight.

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