Trend Manicure : French Manicure Officialy Offers Its Come-Back

Since the beginning of the 2010s, it has become the exclusive preserve of reality TV candidates or adult film actresses. Even if a handful of diehards had never let go, seeing the sign of handsome and elegant hands, the French manicure had disappeared from the radar screens of the fashion. But the return of the 90s requires, it comes back in force!
It's official, the people and models of the moment have all adopted the French manicure. If you are totally new to nail art, know that this "french manicure" is a way to apply two colors of nail polish on the same nail. On 90% of the nail starting from the lunula, one applies a pinkish color, rather clear. And on the tip of the white nail. The idea is to believe that our nails are immaculate and spotlessly clean thanks to this combination of varnish. A beautiful joke in short!
This nail polish application technique reached its peak in the 90s, before being relegated to the background the following 30 years. Some passionate have never left, but the french was "frenchement" not at the top trend side. 

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