Top 6 Remedies for Asthma

Asthma can be life-menacing and is source for grave anxiety. Nevertheless, with just a few normal home remedies, the reappearance of asthmatic attacks can be decreased to a big degree. You will be astonished to know that searching into the shelves of your kitchen can help you keep those asthma attacks distant.

1- Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Try Eucalyptus to keep a towel splattered with few drops of Essential Oil beside you when you sleep. Position the pillow so that you can breathe in the aroma in the towel.

2- Tea Tree Oil

Use tea tree oil mingled with some coconut oil to lessen allergic skin reactions. Tea tree oil works like a decongestant which is a perfect medicine for bronchial congestion, coughs, and excess mucus. Plunge totally a face cloth in hot water and then wring out the surplus. Empty few drops of the tea tree oil on this wet cloth and breathe in the steams till the cloth returns to room warmth.

3- Lavender Oil For Asthma

Put 5 to 6 drops of lavender oil into a bowl the burning water and breathe in the vapor for 5-10 minutes.


4- Kalonji Oil

Put half teaspoon of kalonji oil and one teaspoon of honey into a cup of hot water, and drink this once before breakfast and once again after dinner.

5- Turmeric

Swallow 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder along with a glass of water each day for 10-14 days.

6- Honey

Drink a blend of 1 teaspoon of honey and water 3 times per day. And ingest a blend of honey with cinnamon each night before sleeping.


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