Top 5 Mistakes Women Do In The Gym

Exercising but without any progress? Learn if you’re making these common mistakes women do.

1- Doing the Same Exercises

Doing the same exercises can in fact disallow the growth and improvement of the selected body part you are continually exhausting. Muscles necessitate time to relax to repair. No less than 48 hours are required before you can exercise on the same muscle again.

2- Gravitating Toward What They Do Best

Women tend to be quite better at tasks that necessitate more mobility, endurance, and difficulty, and their working out tends to mirror this tendency.

3- No Warming Or Cooling Down

Being in a rush to leave the exercise room guides to quick exercising which may frequently cause injuries or delay muscle growth. Stretching is very helpful to warm up or cool down. It boosts joint movements, develops muscle stability, raises blood flow, and prevents injuries.

4- Afraid To Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavier weights can help in weight loss; however lots of women usually imagine the opposite, and suppose that lifting weights will make them fat. Weight lifting helps your body’s capacity to burn up fat.

5- Long Breaks

Break times should vary between 10-90 seconds. Shorter break periods with high volume cause a greater growth hormone response. The growth hormone response is required for fat burning, therefore making the significance of shorter break times.

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