Tips to hide the redness on my face

Tips to hide the redness on my face
Tips to hide the redness on my face

Daily care, make-up and make-up remover, what are the best techniques to hide the redness of the face when you have sensitive skin? From prevention to action, we go around the question.

We all dream of having a smooth, smooth and fresh complexion, but sometimes nature decides otherwise. Some sensitive skin is prone to redness more or less intense: erythrose, rosacea or rosacea. So what to do to hide these manifestations of a fragile epidermis?

Preventive measures

The first routine to adopt when you have sensitive skin is to look after your lifestyle. Tobacco and alcohol have devastating effects on the epidermis. They should therefore be banned, or their consumption reduced to a minimum. Regarding food, it is recommended to eat balanced by avoiding fats, and favoring fruits and vegetables. These are recommended because the vitamins they contain provide collagen. Good hydration is also essential against skin dryness, which leads to irritation

Good care

With sensitive skin, it is essential to wash your face morning and evening, with a neutral pH soap. To avoid: very hot water, and cosmetics containing alcohol or acidic principles. It is then recommended to apply a moisturizing cream, preferably non-greasy, so that the epidermis breathes and retains its elasticity. In case of excessive heat, or in a very dry environment, a fogger can rehydrate and soothe irritations at any time of the day. Starting from this basic routine, it is then possible to hide the redness, thanks to makeup.

Products to hide

We begin by adopting the practice of color correcting: hide some imperfections by applying the opposite hue on top. With a foundation or a green corrector, the red will be attenuated. This base is then covered with a liquid or powder foundation, in a thin layer. Too much product could smother reactive skin. After the foundation, it is also possible to enhance the whole with a touch of blush or a tan. Finally, it is important to fix the makeup with a powder, to keep it intact all day. Be careful: you do not have to be careful to remove makeup at night, or all these efforts will have been for nothing.

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