Three body scrub recipes to make

Three body scrub recipes to make
Three body scrub recipes to make

Whether you go on vacation or just get back, it’s still time to treat yourself to a good scrub. In addition to being very economical, homemade ones are just as effective as those found on the market. The proof with these three recipes.

More than any other season, summer lends itself to scrub. Leaving for a week in the sun? It is erased upstream, so that the tan rests on a new skin. Back, the dead cells are removed and the skin texture is refined thanks to a homemade body scrub. Because the needs of the skin differ according to its type and body parts, here are three adapted recipes. All will offer a real moment of well-deserved comfort.

Body scrub: a recipe for the whole body

Here’s a body scrub base that still works: three tablespoons cane sugar and the same amount of coarse salt for their exfoliating action, the same amount of sweet almond oil for its moisturizing virtues and two spoons for honey soup for its soothing and purifying properties. We mix everything, adding honey last. This scrub is applied to a well moistened skin by practicing circular massages, and avoiding sensitive areas.

Body scrub: a recipe for rough areas

To make skin clear on rough areas of the body such as heels, elbows or knees, this scrub recipe is ideal! To do this, we mix the following ingredients to obtain a very malleable paste: half a tablespoon of unbleached fine salt, three tablespoons of shea butter and three drops of an essential oil with virtues sanitizers like mint or rosemary. By working this paste on the skin, it will melt very slowly, allowing to massage for several minutes. The exfoliating action of salt will remove all dead cells. In parallel, shea butter nourishes the rough and dry areas.

Body scrub: a recipe for dry skin

Dry skin requires a suitable scrub. For example, three teaspoons of honey, three tablespoons of almond powder and the same amount of floral water of orange blossom. The almond powder will gently exfoliate, the honey moisturize and soften the skin, while the orange blossom water will have a soothing and regenerating power. To use this scrub, it is applied to the skin without massaging immediately. We wait ten minutes for the mixture to dry, and it is at this point that we erase by performing gentle circular movements. Moreover, for a successful exfoliation, the rinsing step is essential in order to eliminate any residue of impurities and dead cells. In addition, depending on the degree of coldness, we favor the fresh water that will naturally stimulate the blood circulation. Finally, always moisturize your skin after a scrub!

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