The secrets of a pretty skin

The secrets of a pretty skin
The secrets of a pretty skin

Who has not dreamed of keeping his summer tan or sporting a peach complexion all year round? To help us look good 365 days a year, cosmetics are crumbling under the products. Embellisher, tinted cream, fluid foundation or compact, powder and blush … A plethoric offer in which each can find his happiness to afford a nice complexion, in all discretion.

Dress up the face

“I can go out of my house with my hair, jog, no mascara or lipstick, but do not ask me to put a foot outside without a foundation,” says Morgane, 31. The minimum for me is a fluid foundation, concealer for the underside of the eyes and small buttons, then loose powder and a little blush. Without that, I feel naked, I feel bad. Because our face is not only what we see first at home, it is especially the most bare part of our body. What’s more normal then, than to want to put his skin in value?

But if some use foundation to capture light and looks, others abuse it on the contrary … to protect themselves. To the point sometimes to give the impression to be grimées or to wear a mask. Why ? For fear of showing their fatigue behind their dark circles or their little buttons for some. For fear of having skin that shines or blushes, for others, translating any blow of hot or stress. Because naked, our face can betray us, leaving guess our age, our state, our emotions … All these things that it is more convenient, often, to hide while making up generously.

Mission discretion

For professionals, however, a successful complexion is above all a makeup … which is not seen. A second skin, somehow, invisible but fundamental, as the work of the complexion is able to reveal to us, without metamorphosing our features.

The flip side? Cosmetics brands compete ingenuously to offer us practical and effective products and the “foundation” rays have something to disorient even the most knowledgeable. Tinted cream or embellisher; fluid or compact foundation; concealer, correctors or “radiance keys”; loose powder or liquid blush; with a brush or a sponge … Making the right choice may seem perilous. Especially since our face, constantly exposed, does not lend itself to experimentation!

Which foundation to choose?

Before going in search of the miracle product, it is better to take stock of what you want: a care easy to apply? A discreet corrector? Or on the contrary a very covering product? Sarah Mahler, make-up manager at Clarins, talks about the range of products available. “To take your first steps, the ideal is a tinted moisturizer. His secret? It unifies the complexion with a base of care cream. A two-in-one product, perfect for beginners, but will not hide small imperfections and may not be enough for dry skin. Another very discreet product: the complexion enhancer. “It’s a base that brightens the complexion without covering it. It is applied after its day cream and is followed – or not – of a foundation of your choice. “

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