The makeup of the grunge romantic trend is there

The makeup of the grunge romantic trend is there
The makeup of the grunge romantic trend is there

And if the trend of grunge romantic fashion of the season was declined in makeup look? Here are some inspirations if you want to combine your make up with your grunge romantic style clothes.

Caro told you about the fashion trends of the season, then in a detailed historical article: the trend will be romantic grunge this fall-winter!

On the fashion side, you are now dressed since Caro has prepared a very complete selection to adopt this trend, but you may wonder what makeup to associate.

That’s good, I’m here for that!

What is the grunge romantic trend?

If you have not read my sister’s articles yet (what are you waiting for, seriously ?!), the romantic grunge trend is inspired by the Victorian era and punk / rock movements.

His favorite colors are black, white, but also purple and red (which you can find especially in the flowery fabrics printed big roses).

Fashion is certainly not my field, but I find it interesting to inspire me with a fashion trend to adapt it to makeup.

Even if I’m not necessarily for the fact of always granting his makeup to his clothes, I like to find on my face the same kind of vibe as on my clothes.

The purpose of this article is not to make you understand that if you decide to wear a romantic grunge piece, you MUST ABSOLUTELY make up your makeup accordingly.

It is rather a suggestion, which allows me at the same time to try the exercise to inspire me with a fashion trend to offer you a makeup that follows the same spirit.

Are you ready ?

Romantic grunge trend: eye makeup
In the same way that grunge romantic style clothing is rather dark and cool, the romantic grunge makeup puts on dark colors and plays with contrasts.

The romantic grunge smokey eye
For eye makeup, in my opinion the best look for this trend is the smokey eyes (which is also one of the beauty trends of the season).

But whoever says smokey does not necessarily say black! Brown, khaki, gray, or even red / burgundy, the smokey eyes can be transposed into several different colors.

To achieve such a smokey eye, you only need one or two easy-to-work shades.

Start by applying all over your eyelid, then with a plumping brush, perform movements back and forth at your hollow eyelid to diffuse the color.

You can use a lighter makeup for this second step, it will allow you to make a makeup more “melted”, better degraded.

Do not forget to use the same basic makeup at your lower lashes for an even smokier effect!

Depending on what you are most comfortable with, you can use more or less dark colors.

The line of eyeliner

In a more sober register, the line of eyeliner can also give a very nice look with romantic grunge clothes.

Simple but effective, the eyeliner allows you to lighten the makeup of the eyes if you have trouble with the dark eyelid combo / dark lips (I’ll come back soon).

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