The best exercises to sculpt your abs

The best exercises to sculpt your abs
The best exercises to sculpt your abs

Do you want a flat stomach and a wasp waist? No secret, this involves regular abs exercises and well chosen, especially. Because poorly done exercises can do more damage than good! Explanations.  

In the collective imagination, when we say “abdo”, we imagine lying on the back, legs bent, hands behind the head, struggling to bring bust and knees in repetitive series … and not very fun! These are the so-called crunches, the most famous abs exercises. And yet, they are to be avoided! Not only is it not thanks to them that you will proudly exhibit a flat stomach this summer, but in addition they may attract you to health problems.

An indispensable abdominal belt

The abdomen is home to particularly mobile organs, related to digestion and pregnancy in women. It is delimited by the diaphragm at the top, the pelvic floor at the bottom, the vertebral column behind, and finally the abdominal muscles in front and on the sides. The latter play an essential role in maintaining the viscera. Without an abdominal belt, the flat stomach remains a chimera out of reach! The visceral mass falls forward, and the silhouette becomes paunchy with the years. And who says viscera not in their place, also said appearance of digestive problems, for example a difficult transit.
When the abdominal belt is sufficiently muscular, it also ensures the maintenance of good posture. It helps keep your back straight, which limits low back pain and all the inconvenience that results. You have understood, a good abdominal belt is important. So work on his abs, we say yes, but not anyhow.

Why are crunches bad for our abs?

Still very popular for abdominal strengthening, crunches are to be avoided. Bringing the shoulders to the hips, the abdominal contraction pushes the viscera down and forward, causing the belly to come out instead of coming in. No need to draw a picture, it does not favor the flat stomach at all, on the contrary … In addition, the organs pushed down bear on the perineum which, in the long run, relaxes, leading to the risk of urinary leakage. Abdominal and inguinal hernias may also appear. Compressed, the intervertebral discs are strongly altered and this can cause disc herniations, lumbago and sciatica. What fun, is not it?
So, you’ve understood, we put the crunches to oblivion! But do not expect to get away with it, there are fortunately other ways to strengthen his abs safely … and some efforts!

Good exercises to promote a flat stomach

In general, to optimize the results of your training, be attentive to the stretching of the column, the contraction of the perineum and your expiration, which must be deep and controlled. Here is an example of a simple exercise to build your abdominal belt regularly and safely. Lie on your back, feet flat on the floor. Bring a thigh as close as possible to the belly, leg bent, without taking off the buttocks of the ground, and without taking the knee out of its axis. Extend the arm on the same side inside this knee, which you push outward with the arm, opposing a resistance with the leg. The returned leg should not open. In this exercise, the abdominal contraction makes the stomach tummy and not come out like crunches. To renew several times, on each side obviously. Another exercise, practiced by young mothers for abdominal rehabilitation but recommended to everyone: get on all fours, putting your hands in the line of the shoulders, and round your back like a cat. Once in this position, exhale deeply and return your belly to the maximum, while remaining attentive to your perineum. Hold the contraction for a few seconds before releasing in a controlled manner. Make two sets of 20.

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