The 5 secrets beauty of Blake Lively

The 5 secrets beauty of Blake Lively
The 5 secrets beauty of Blake Lively

Discovered in Gossip Girl alongside the gentle Leighton Meester, Blake Lively continues to make our dream. After conquering Chanel, Gucci, and L’Oréal by becoming an actress, she stormed the cinema. On the screen of Adaline, available in VOD on MyTF1, in which she encapsulates a young woman in the midst of identity crisis, the actress is more dazzling than ever. But then, what are its secrets to be top on any occasion? Aufeminin conducted the investigation for you

A flawless hair, endless legs and a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial, these are the assets of Blake Lively. Seeing her too perfect, she seems unreal to us. In turn, she worshipped and then jealous, she doesn’t care what anyone will say about it and continues her ascent. Yet, when it is pointed out to her, she seems to be surprised and swears to her great gods that she is the queen of the less is more. It reveals its motto on the site of L’Oréal Paris: “beauty is rooted in self-confidence.” To prove how cool she is, she doesn’t hesitate to deliver the keys to her success. Top 5 of her little secrets, confessed during an interview with the magazine ELLE as well as on her blog Preserve, online since 2014.

Her top 5

1. The coconut oil: she admits to holding this habit of her mother. She puts it before every shampoo at the level of points and behind ears to feed her hair. More surprising, she also mixes her with blueberries, to make his own exfoliating. According to its statements, the coconut oil enriches the cells of the skin.

2. The Cream of the Sea: she assures it, it is ITS trick to have baby’s skin. According to her, contrary to most of the creams and other nourishing milk, the Cream of the Sea gets a sensation of sweetness all day.

3. Not too much sport: You might think she spends her time in the gym cultivating her dream figure, but not at all! For her, sport is more a way to maintain her mind than her physical. That’s why she prefers yoga and meditation. On her Preserve blog, she advises pregnant women to get into pre-natal fitness.

4. Never be deprived: While some count calories, miss Lively enjoys herself. Pastries, gravy dishes, chocolates, everything. She freely confesses that eating is one of her favorite hobbies (just like cooking, of course). When you think about it, it’s kind of the best friend we miss, the burgers without complexes.

5. Staying natural: While her colleagues spend several hundred dollars to get a Wavy effect, she maintains her ripples at home. Its homemade recipe: sea water + a pre-drying + a moss hazelnut (to fix them). Then she ties her hair in a bun, before releasing it in a cascade on her shoulders. And there, the trick is played!

As a bonus: She confides that for every day, she uses Mason Pearson’s brush, which gives volume and material to her mane. She easily admits to going to the hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain her color. His advice: leave the roots visible to give the illusion that his reflections are authentic.

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