The 3 best sport applications according to a pro

The 3 best sport applications according to a pro
The 3 best sport applications according to a pro

Lack of time, motivation or means: all the reasons are good not to set foot in the gym. Fortunately, there are many sports applications, ideal to motivate yourself in front of a series. To make an informed choice, Maxime Auffret, sports coach, lists the three best options.

FizzUp: for those in a hurry

Supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, FizzUp is today ranked among the most downloaded applications in France. On the program: simple trainings, classified according to the abilities and objectives of each one. Cardio, bodybuilding, stretching … with it, everyone can work according to his desires from his living room. And completely free, the app has no paid options.

The opinion of the coach:

Workouts in less than twenty minutes: the proposal is enticing. But the application remains quite complex to handle and instructions, vague. The space also does not offer personalized follow-up and is therefore struggling to keep its promises.

The coach’s note: 3/5

FizzUp, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Nike Training Club: for complete exercises

After Nike running, its app dedicated to running, the comma brand develops Nike Training Club, a support specialized in fitness. Already known to the great sportsmen, she offers 185 different trainings and several individualized advice. Programs of 15 to 45 minutes allow each to set specific goals, and to achieve them according to three levels of difficulty. From the sport to the map, therefore.

The opinion of the coach:

Overall, the application has everything for it since it even offers explanatory videos of coaches. A format that allows you to perform the exercises correctly, without risking too much harm. The only flaw to be taken into account: the instructions are not precise. On the other hand, the training is complete, integrating even notions of well-being not insignificant.

The coach’s note: 4/5

Nike + Training Club, available on Google Play and Apple Store.

8fit: for a complete fitness

8fit is certainly one of the most practical applications of the moment. Once downloaded, you can indicate your food preferences and set specific sport goals. It also offers forty programs and six different trainings that adapt to all sports routines.

The opinion of the coach: This is undoubtedly the most successful application. It offers a complete nutritional component, available in vegan and paleo versions when one subscribes to the paid option (60 € / year, available on AppleStore and Google Play). Above all, the videos available are clear and always accompanied by instructions in writing: the perfect combo to achieve the best exercises from home.

The note of the coach: 4,5 / 5

8fit, available on App Store and Google Play.

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