Sugar scrub for lips: the homemade recipe

Sugar scrub for lips: the homemade recipe
Sugar scrub for lips: the homemade recipe

With the return of sunny days, you want to color and dress your lips in a pretty purple-red to enhance your spring outfit. However, coming out of this harsh winter, your lips are dry and dehydrated. They seem to need special care, but you don’t know what to do! Lucette reveals her fetish recipe and, above all, very easy to make, a special home-made lip scrub.

The recipe for a home-made lip scrub

Step 1

Gather the two key ingredients of this homemade scrub: coarse-grained sugar (cane or crystal, for example) and a vaseline tube.

Step 2

Pour a sugar-bulged teaspoon and a teaspoon of Vaseline into your cereal bowl.Mix until the mixture is homogeneous.

Step 3

Remove a hazelnut from the mixture with your fingertips. Apply this homemade scrub to your makeup-free lips. With circular gestures, massage for two to three minutes.This massage will eliminate all your bloody dead skin and activate blood circulation.

Step 4

Rinse your lips with warm water and gently dry them by tapping with a towel, so as not to irritate them.

Step 5

For an even more moisturizing effect, apply a little honey to your lips and let pose for about ten minutes. It’s hard not to snap when you lick your lips, but you’ll see, the result is worth it!

Step 6

After removing the honey, to further beautify your lips, draw their outer contour with an illuminator like the Touch Eclat Pen Illuminator by Teint Yves Saint Laurent.

Your lips are ready to welcome your beautiful purple lipstick!

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