Spring-Summer 2019 Haircut Trends

Spring-Summer 2019 Haircut Trends
Spring-Summer 2019 Haircut Trends

Spring-Summer 2019 Trends Square Cuts

The must of the season: the graphics straight square, cut just below the ears, accompanied by a long and tapered fringe. Ideal for structuring the face, it sharpens the features and boosts the intensity of the look. To adopt without hesitation! There are also more rounded and voluminous squares as well as long squares and Wavy for a more trendy effect. Finally, the ultra-degraded squares, type «Shag», are also very trendy and perfect to highlight curly or curly hair.

Short cuts trends spring-summer 2019

This season, we fall for the revisited ball cut, slightly tapered on the tips, which gives movement to the hair while perfectly marrying the oval of the face. It is ideal for softening traits after 40 years. We also love the very dynamic boyish short cut that highlights the features and is also suitable for fine hair. Finally, the Pixie cut, more sophisticated, comes in a multitude of versions: Wavy, Wilde, smooth or lacquered to suit all styles.

Long and medium-long cuts trends spring-summer 2019

Mid-long and long hair display this season straight and sleek lines to give maximum density and volume to the hair. You can also find simply tapered cuts on the edges of the face that nicely frame the face. Slightly rarer, the semi-long cuts are degraded, giving a maximum volume effect to the lengths and give a nice spring to the curly hair. To be adopted preferably if you have thick hair.

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