Sport: how to stay motivated?

Sport how to stay motivated
Sport how to stay motivated

Lack of enthusiasm to go to Yoga? Don’t want to put on your sneakers when it rains? Seven coaches give us their advice on how to stay on course.


Pleasure! Finding an activity that pleases you must be your first objective to (re)give the movement its place in your daily life. “We are made to move, not to sit all day,” says coach Nicolas Mbog. But once the pace is set, no one is immune to a one-off drop in enthusiasm. Even athletes experience some good news is that there is no shortage of parades. It’s up to you to find the ones that best suit you.


«It’s easier», says Valérie Orsoni, founder of the LeBootCamp slimming method. Here are her recommendations… Meet up two or three times a week with friends to exercise at one of your homes. Enough with the excuse “the fitness club is too far away” or “not nice”. Make a contract with them: the one who misses a session puts ten euros in a pot, which will be donated to a charitable work at the end of the year. Careful, this would not become a good excuse to dry. Train with a friend who needs to practice diligently to lose weight or improve her health. You don’t let someone who counts on you down!


Kevin, the creator of Mouv’K, a fitness course on Afro-Caribbean rhythms, is convinced of this: Finding an activity that does you good is essential if you don’t like sports. When you dance in a group, carried by more or less intense tempos, you do sheathing, you work your buttocks and your thighs, but, above all, you let go, which is good for the mind!” The key is immediate well-being that promotes attendance, and therefore progress. «Little by little, we feel more comfortable so we are even more motivated to continue,» adds the coach, who runs sessions in «Gym Direct» on C8 and at the Paris fitness club Aqualoft.


Valérie Orsoni put these tips into practice before giving them to us: if you think that your job prevents you from going to exercise, why not try early in the morning or between noon and two? Place your sports clothes next to the front door, in the evening before bed: you will have no reason to forget them, even if you are late.


This is Valerie Orsoni’s “icing on the cake” secret. For each objective achieved, offer yourself a massage, a facial treatment, new jeans, a weekend… These little joys linked to your efforts will motivate you again and again.


For Cyril Benzaquen, world champion in kickboxing, this is as important for an athlete as it is for an amateur. “Connecting to your goals, such as losing a few pounds or taking part in a race, gives you a course of action and helps you stick to it,” he says. Be careful, however, not to skip ahead! When the discipline starts to please you, don’t go all the way, at the risk of becoming saturated and discouraged. Don’t take too long a break either because it’s always hard to take it back after.”


” Fall in the near future by thinking of the good sides of the effort, insists Valérie Orsoni, as to feel(smell) the sun on the skin when we train to outdoor, to enjoy the feeling of overtaking of one after a sprint, to savor the water of the shower after a good sweat ” ” in the daytimes when you feel tired and ready to give up your session, remember yourselves that you will leave freed(released) from this negative fatigue, full of energy, that you will feel better physically and mentally “, adds the coach Christophe Ruelle.


” Note the type(chap) of a session (running, gym), its duration and its intensity as well as your felt with a code from 1 to 5 crosses, proposes Christophe Ruelle. So, you can go back to measure the traveled(browsed) path(way)


Once you have found the discipline that binds you to the skin, do not impose on yourself too intense sessions that your body is not prepared for, recommends Nicolas Mbog. Start by getting used to moving five minutes a day, then ten minutes… You can go on to two or three 45-minute weekly sessions when you have a taste for exercise.”


We are not machines. We must accept that fitness fluctuates. You can feel at the top of your energy one day, not at all motivated the next day, says Pascale Brousse, coach in wellness practices. On days when it doesn’t work, find a divert, for example, go to stretching after two laps of running, whereas you had planned five. The next session will be different and you can already congratulate yourself for having been there.”


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