Skin care: How to take care of your skin naturally

Skin care: How to take care of your skin naturally
Skin care: How to take care of your skin naturally

Pollution, sun, cold, stress, fatigue… Faced with external aggressions and the daily rhythm of life it is important to take care of your skin every day. Discover five tips, 100% natural to take care of your skin.


How to take care of your skin naturally,On this National Skin Health Day, discover,5 tips to improve your skin’s natural condition

How to have beautiful skin naturally

1. Clean and remove skin makeup morning and night

The first step is the most important to have pretty skin. Every day the skin is attacked by the outside (dust pollution, sun, wind, cold, etc.) and is suffocated by the make-up layer, sweat and dead skin and residues that stick together and accumulate throughout the day. That is why it is very important to clean it thoroughly every day. For this, the best is to use natural products that respect your skin type, its PH and the hydrolipidic film (protective film covering the surface of the epidermis).

The cleansing of the face should be carried out smoothly without attacking or damaging the skin.

2. Deep nourishment and hydration

After a good skin cleansing, the essential beauty gesture is to nourish your skin in depth in order to preserve its elasticity. Adopt a 100% natural product, preferably a non-greasy oil and that will be in comedogéne. Massage the product until the product is fully penetrated into the skin by gentle circular gestures.

Small tip before moisturizing your skin, for a good supplement to cleansing and cleansing, apply a natural tonic lotion without alcohol, this water will tone, purify and refresh the skin.

3. Protect your skin

Even if the sun plays a fundamental role in the well-being of the skin thanks to vitamin D, it will also be its main enemy. If the skin is too long exposed to the sun’s rays, it can cause sunburns or more or less deep and important skin lesions.

This is why it is important to maintain the health of the skin during exposure to the sun to apply a total screen with an index adapted to its skin (It is recommended that the application be repeated regularly and not to be exposed to the sun at times when the sun is strongest). Every day of the year (whether on holiday or in the middle of the winter months) your skin is exposed to the sun so you must choose and use daily care that protects from the sun with SPF.

The second great enemy of the skin is the cold, in front of it, the skin can quickly become sensitive, dry, red and pull. We must, therefore, protect it and not use cosmetics that could further weaken it.

4. Sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night

Work, sport, children… with a fairly rhythmic lifestyle, it is not often easy to have a quota of sleep hours. According to the individuals, the recommended rest time is between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. A time that must be respected to let your skin breathe. For healthy skin to have good hygiene of life is fundamental.

5. Use 100% natural skin cosmetics

We advise you to use products composed of natural ingredients, such as essential and vegetable oils. The unscathed brand is composed of a range of natural cosmetics for all skin even the most sensitive.

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