Skin care: 10 tips to rejuvenate your 10 years back

10 tips to rejuvenate 10 years
10 tips to rejuvenate 10 years

Staying young without surgery is a job! A good anti-aging cream is good, but not enough. Discover the actions to apply daily, anti-wrinkle foods and keep young skin longer.

The youthfulness of the skin is as good from the outside, thanks to adapted creams and a routine of daily care, as from the inside. If it is impossible to fight the intrinsic factors of skin aging (genetics, ethnic origin, skin type), you can act on external factors that can accelerate the aging of the skin: diet, lifestyle, exposure to skin. UV, sleep, etc …

1 – Go through the make-up box

It can never be repeated enough: it is an essential step in a beauty care routine, and an ally for the youth of your skin. If you skip it, it’s not even worth reading the rest of this article. Why ? Because makeup is designed to stay an average of 12 hours on the surface of the skin, not 24 hours or more (yuck …). Because it is not cleansed, the skin smothers, the complexion darkens and the wrinkles are marked. Still skeptical, as 1 in 3 women who do not take the time to remove makeup before sleeping (rebeurk)? A British journalist sacrificed herself and stayed for a month without removing her makeup (rerebeurk, but it was for a good cause), and had her skin examined before / after by scientists. Her skin had dried out, wrinkles had widened, her pores widened, and most importantly, the quality of her skin had deteriorated by 20% on the side of her face where she slept. In short, his skin took 10 years in a month. Convinced? We hope so.

2 – Your anti gray plate mine

Foods are wonderful allies that improve the elasticity of the skin, slow down the formation of wrinkles and give radiance to the complexion. Moreover, when food is bad, it affects also dry the surface buttons, sallow complexion, etc … The intestinal laziness tarnishes the complexion, so consume without moderation foods to laxative and purgative properties (leek, asparagus, celery branch, cucumber). Boost your collagen and maintain the elasticity of the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants in strawberries, lemons, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, kiwis … And make a good-looking 365 days a year thanks to the beta -carotene tomatoes, peppers, carrots and others.

3 – Eating Vitamin E

It has antioxidant properties and helps to fight against free radicals that accelerate skin aging. It also makes the skin more resistant to sun damage, and slows the appearance of wrinkles. Chic! Where to find it? In vegetable oils, especially sunflower oil, but also nuts, rapeseed, linseed. Work also on the surface by applying nourishing masks with argan oil.

4 – Move your body

Beyond the pleasure of maintaining a firm and dynamic silhouette despite the passage of time, sport also helps to keep skin healthy. Why ? It boosts blood circulation and makes sweat, which oxygenates the skin and promotes the elimination of toxins. It also avoids muscle relaxation, responsible for the formation of wrinkles and wrinkles on the face and body.

5 – Crush his cigarette

Wrinkles deep on the cheeks, wrinkles or fine lines radiating from the lips and the corner of the eyes, skinny face with prominent cheekbones, dry and grayish appearance of the skin … it makes you dream no? This is the clinical description of a typical smoking face1 given in 1985 by the British doctor Douglas Model. Yes, the cigarette does not only have dramatic effects on our lungs, it also suffocates our skin tissues, slows healing, impairs the elasticity of the dermis and collagen synthesis, dries the skin by reducing the rate of water in the skin. the upper layer. Women are more sensitive to these effects than men. In summary, if you care about your youth, crush that cigarette.

6 – Massaging

Include in your beauty routine of the morning and / or the evening facial self-massage when you apply your care. In addition to being pleasant and relaxing, they stimulate the production of collagen micro-circulation of skin tissues and help to evacuate toxins. For a no-scalpel lifting effect, focus on the acupuncture points of the face: just above the eyebrows, vertically under the pupils’ wings, under the wings of the nose and in the middle of the junction of the eyebrows. While you’re there, do not forget to regularly apply scrubs (soft!) That accelerate the renewal of skin cells.

7 – Make facial gym

The tone of our skin depends on the muscles hidden below. They tend to tense and melt with age, promoting loss of volume and the appearance of wrinkles. Have you gotten used to maintaining your buttocks? Do the same with the muscles of your face and practice the facial gym without moderation.

8 – Hydrate to a greater thirst

All dermatologists say it: one of the secrets to maintain the youth of your skin is to moisturize it. By drinking at least 1.5 liters a day, and applying morning and evening a moisturizer adapted to its type of skin: mixed, oily, dry … And this without waiting for the appearance of the first wrinkles!

9 – Vade retro, Sun

It makes us feel good, but skin side, attention damage. UVA penetrates deep into the skin and causes accelerated aging of skin cells by generating free radicals. No bowl, they even go through the windows and clouds! As soon as the spring shows the tip of the nose, we put our skin under close protection by favoring day creams incorporating a sun protection factor (such as the Light Hydrating Protective Cream IP 20 Avène Hydrance or Fluid Perfect Skin Caudalie SPF 20 ), and one slips full screen when exposed to the sun. You will still be tanned when returning from vacation … but not wrinkled.

10 – Take care of your skin

Massage, moisturize, erase, mask … Pamper your skin without complex, it will make you feel good: gentle scrub to exfoliate dead cells and activate their renewal, serum to apply massage, hydrating mask, soothing or purifying according to your needs. Do not be afraid to abuse, we repeat: a pretty skin is work!

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