Running: the benefits for the silhouette

Running: the benefits for the silhouette
Running: the benefits for the silhouette

Want to lose weight or get stronger with running? A sports coach tells us all about the benefits of this ultra-complete discipline.

How to start running?

If you start, some precautions should be taken beforehand: “Even if running is an accessible sport, it is still an intense sport activity, especially when you start,” warns Célia Edouard. “The first exits can be painful and you can easily get hurt if you do not take care to gradually increase the distance and intensity.In parallel, it is essential to perform muscle strengthening to protect the joints: hip , knees, ankles … “.

No need to set unrealistic goals. Better to go step by step and progress at your own pace: “The ideal is to start with one session per week of 20 to 25 minutes maximum, alternating jogging and brisk walking,” advises Clelia Edouard. “For example: 3 minutes of jogging and 1 minute of brisk walking.After 5 or 6 sessions, you can gradually increase the duration of the training, by increasing the time of the jogging. comfortable, so we can go on a race of 30 minutes non-stop, or even add a second session in the week “.

For those who already practice jogging for several weeks, Clélia Edouard recommends to diversify her training by integrating the “fractional”: “It is a work of intervals where one alternates fast pace and slow pace to recover. It’s a great way to progress and run faster! “She says.

Running: what equipment to run?

It’s not enough to put on your sneakers every day to go running! Clélia Edouard does not necessarily recommend opting for the latest fashion outfits, but rather for a comfortable and practical sportswear: “The most important thing is to find good running shoes. a sports bra to maintain the chest is essential, “she says. When the practice becomes more regular, other more expert equipment can accompany your session: “We can download mobile applications to track its outputs, better know its pace and see progress quickly.” To go further still, we can also ‘equip a cardio watch, a belt with small gourds or even a camelbak’.

What are the benefits of running?

Running is one of the most comprehensive sports and its benefits are diverse. First, it is a great way to refine its silhouette: “From a physical point of view, it can burn calories effectively: it is considered that one hour of running at 10km / h for a person weighing 60kg can burn about 600 calories.Of course, these figures are estimated and vary depending on each, “says Clelia Edouard.

However, the Coach recalls that a healthy lifestyle is essential: “The first thing to do when you want to lose weight is to monitor and revise your diet.We do not talk about diet, but rebalance food: see what we could improve, without necessarily diminishing or banishing, then we must move and it starts with walking, swapping his car for a bike, taking the stairs … It is important to have this in mind before even want to bet everything on her training, “she warns. “When you control this, you can integrate 2 to 3 workouts a week of 30 to 45 minutes, including a reinforcement session.The results are shown quickly enough, provided you are regular.More is to train hard rather than to make an intense session from time to time “.

Running is also ideal for toning up: “This discipline focuses mainly on the lower body, particularly the quadriceps and hamstrings, glutes, calves … Despite this, it is still important to work her upper body, including the abdominal strap and the back, to optimize her stride and posture and protect the joints from the impacts on the ground, “she adds. “Also, it is very important to remember that running requires the most important muscle of the body: the heart.It is more than recommended to perform a stress test before running regularly and high intensity “.

To finish, running also has an incredible asset: its community aspect. “Jogging, whatever its level, is to join a sports community all over the world, it is able to exchange with other practitioners in the” real life “(at work, with friends …) but It’s also a great time to be able to race alongside thousands of other runners during official races! “enthuses Clélia Edouard. “Finally, the main benefit we do not talk about enough is the good that we do mentally to empty the head, take the air and enjoy views and landscapes … We talk a lot about endorphin, this hormone of happiness, and this is not a myth.Although the beginnings in running are hard, it’s really worth it to hang on. ” It only remains to get started!

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