Regenerating mask

Regenerating mask
Regenerating mask

Recipe by Olivier Coumes: regenerating face mask

Red fruits have been lying around in your fridge for a few days and you thought you would get rid of them? Stop the mess! Make it a regenerating mask, your face will appreciate.

The ingredients that I need:

– of red fruits
– one yogurt
– culinary gelling (for a 100% natural version, agar-agar is perfect)

The preparation of the:

Mix mixed red fruits with culinary gelling agents. The gelling is saturated with water and moisturizes the preparation.

The time of laying:

Keep the application for 30 minutes.

The rinsing process:

To soften the mask, put plain yogurt on your face and rinse with clear water. Once your skin is clean you can massage yourself with rose water for a soothing and astringent effect.

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