Refine your face and body with caffeine

Refine your face and body with caffeine
Refine your face and body with caffeine

Very well known for its stimulating and anti-fatigue effects, caffeine is found in many cosmetic products. It is generally used in the composition of treatments and creams in its synthetic form. Its antioxidant and energizing effects operate on both the face and the body.


Caffeine, an alkaloid belonging to the methylxanthine family, is chemically very close to certain plants such as tea, mate or guarana. In addition to its recognized effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, caffeine also acts on the skin.

In fact, it stimulates the epidermis while having a proven sheathing effect. It is used in particular to counter the loosening of the skin and to refine certain parts of the face. The lifting properties of creams, eye care and eye contours containing synthetic caffeine are very well associated with the protective and antioxidant properties of this alkaloid. In daily application, caffeine-based cosmetics also protect the skin from sun attacks. They have, according to some scientific studies carried out on laboratory mice, the ability to protect the epidermis from the risk of skin cancer. Although these results are very encouraging, they only concern animals at the moment. However, they strengthen manufacturers who include them in their care and consumers who increasingly turn to these products. For the face, you can use a hydrating fluid, a foam, a simple or concentrated cream, a face or eye roll-on, a toning gel, a scrub, but also caffeine-based capsules adapted to this part of the body.


For the rest of the body, particularly the legs and belly, caffeine-based treatments also keep their promises. Anticellulite, stimulating, draining, lipolytic and keratolytic, caffeine promotes the elimination of fat cells and dead cells. It also has the ability to release water retention and boost metabolic activity. Against cellulite and body roundness, caffeine-containing treatments perfectly complement slimming diets or sports activity. Gels, creams, and scrubs including caffeine apply immediately after a toning shower. By proceeding with circular massages and by insisting on areas to be strengthened, it is possible to obtain very interesting results. By practicing a daily paper-roll, combined with a sports activity, a good diet, and intense hydration, it is possible to suppress a good part of the captions and to find skin sheathed and toned.

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