Oil face : for who, for what ?

Oil face : for who, for what ?
Oil face : for who, for what ?

Faced with the cold that comes to bite our cheeks, vegetable oils are a good solution to nourish the skin and help it deal with external aggressions. Which one to choose and what can we expect?

What are the interests of vegetable oils?

Natural because of plants (nuclei, pips, etc.), they first have a great affinity with our skin and the lipids they contain enrich our hydrolipidic film and slow down the evaporation of water when we have the naturally dry skin or that the outside temperature dries it. A real protective veil. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, the famous essential fatty acids, they reduce the insensible loss of water and give the skin its suppleness when it pulls. Finally, their vitamin E antioxidant content helps fight against skin aging and its effects, namely wrinkles and fine lines.

Which vegetable oil to choose?

Depending on the type of skin, you will not choose the same oil.

Mixskins: ed hazelnut, jojoba, argan, grape seeds, hemp, macadamia and avocado.

Oily skin and acne: nigella, hazel nut, jojoba, argan, grape seeds and avocado.
And contrary to popular belief, the oil also provides a self-regulating function on the skin producingtoo much fat.

The principle is simple: if you give your skin the fat it needs, it will stop producing excess in order to protect itself!

Sensitive or reactive skin: apricot kernel, jojoba, calendula and arnica, camelina, avocado, hemp, borage, carrot, calophyll and macadamia.
Dry skin: grape seed, jojoba, apricot, camelina, argan, calendula, sesame, borage, macadamia, prickly pear, hemp, rose hip and coconut, avocado, evening primrose and pomegranate seeds.

How to use it?

By removing makeup: massage a few drops of oil with your fingertips to remove pigments and impurities.For the eyes, favor the avocado oil, adapted to this zone where the skin is fine.
In addition to your cream: in winter, add a few drops of vegetable oils to your day or night care to make it more nourishing. You can also apply on the dry areas of the face in the last layer of care.
In an illuminator: pat a few drops of vegetable oil on the curved cheekbones to draw light onto the reliefs.
In night care: on cleansed skin, apply your oil before going to bed

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