Nourishing Body Balm

Nourishing Body Balm
Nourishing Body Balm

An ultra nourishing body balm with few ingredients as effective on crocodile skin as on baby’s buttocks!

Method of application Take a small amount of product with your fingers and spread it over the area to feed. The balm will melt gently with the warmth of the body.
Container A jar of 100 ml
Storage 10 to 12 months at room temperature
Cons-indications None
Utensils and equipment needed
– a precision balance

– a bowl (for the bain marie)

– a mini whisk or fork

– a spatula or spoon

– a pot of 100ml

Steps in the recipe


Start by disinfecting all the material.

In a bain-marie, melt the cocoa butter and the beeswax. The mixture must be completely melted and homogeneous.

Beeswax is film-forming, ie it prevents water from escaping the skin. It therefore enhances the moisturizing effect of the balm. She also brings him a very nice texture.

Cocoa butter nourishes deeply and restores elasticity to the skin. Small bonus: it helps fight against cellulite!


Always in a bain-marie, pour the vegetable oils and let them melt with the rest of the preparation.

When everything is melted, take the mixture out of the bain-marie, mix well and add vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant for oily products. Without vitamin E, the oils in your formula may become rancid quickly. Add also the Geogard preservative which will prevent any development of bacteria.


It is important to mix continuously during the cooling phase of your product so that it remains homogeneous. To speed up this step, you can place the bowl in a dish filled with ice cubes and cold water while mixing.

The butter will thicken gradually.

When the texture is smooth, pour it into a jar and allow it to cool completely (30 minutes) before use.

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