Meer method: lose weight through your brain, it is possible?

Meer method: lose weight through your brain, it is possible?
Meer method: lose weight through your brain, it is possible?

Original, this behavioral approach can be reprogrammed by listening better to his body, and find a peaceful relationship with food. To lose weight permanently, but especially to feel better and to be reconciled with oneself.

Neuro-behavioral coach specializing in eating behavior, Nathalie Meer has developed an original method to lose weight. No diet, or change of radical diet, forbidden or other: the method that bears his name aims rather to understand why we eat too much or we nibble, why we store … and help us find the keys to these behaviors irrepressible but perverse, sometimes very old or even transmitted from previous generations.

Custom Coaching

In practice, a first one-to-one session with the coach, long enough (1:30) allows to make a precise personalized assessment and to explain the relationship to food and the reasons for overweight, “filling” or compulsions food. For example, we sometimes eat to have energy when we are tired of life events, or to calm his fears, to relieve his stress, to comfort himself psychologically … As for the overweight, it is sometimes a crutch to hold the blow, or it can “gain volume” when we lack self-esteem or we need to exist more in the eyes of others … After these awareness, strategies are put together. It is about making peace with oneself, to put an end to one’s bad unconscious reflexes, while renewing oneself with one’s bodily sensations (hunger and satiety, in particular). In this way, we will learn to recognize the “True hunger” (which requires eating what his body claims, without being forced to mind anything), multiple false appetites that can attack us and usually have emotional causes. Little by little, one changes one’s behavior, one tests new experiences … and one reconnects oneself to one’s physiological feelings, by relearning to eat according to one’s instincts. Regular reviews are carried out with the coach, and are defined from the outset, with a real “contract” passed over time.

Change your behavior in the long term

So we readjust first of all the mind, to better let a body express itself than before, we were bridante -ou niait-: by putting it back in a position of piloting, it regains confidence in him. We then drive away guilt and feelings of failure, and we learn little by little to manage our stress (including unconsciousness), our anxieties, our fears or sorrows, to free ourselves from eating disorders. This helps to get out of the obsession with food, which finds its only true life function and is no longer used to fill an emotional void or calm his anxiety or fears. A major change of background, which is perfect for all those (and those) who have a problem with food …

Most: the coaching work allows you to make peace with yourself and with your plate, but especially to reconnect with a normal eating behavior, where food finds its rightful place. It also gains serenity on a more general level, and in confidence. And weight loss can be fast, from the beginning.

The least: we must “dare” to question his behavior to better understand them, and be fully active: it is an approach that not everyone is ready to accomplish. And we commit to a period of about one year for an overweight greater than 10 kg: a real commitment and involvement are necessary, which contribute to the work of reinsurance towards oneself.

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