Mask face for dry skin

Mask face for dry skin
Mask face for dry skin

Recipe by Olivier Coumes: face mask for dry skin.

When the skin starts to pull, itch and blush, it is never very pleasant and this often happens when we face the elements: the cold, the heat, spray and temperature changes between the outside and the overheated or air-conditioned office. To relieve his face, we concoct an avocado mask.

The ingredients that I need:
– an avocado (nourishes, plumps the epidermis and promotes healing).
– lemon juice
– fresh cream

The preparation of the:
Crush the flesh of the avocado. Mix it with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Add 2 tablespoons of crème fraîche and beat until blended.

The time of laying:
20 minutes.

The rinsing process:
Remove your mask with clear water and massage your face with a few drops of argan oil or sweet almond for an even softer effect.

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