Makeup tips to look less tired

Makeup tips to look less tired
Makeup tips to look less tired

Features drawn, dark circles, gray complexion … The small nights leave their imprints on our face. Fortunately, there are some make-up tips to adopt to look good! Here are 5 tips for “anti-fatigue” makeup. To look radiant, even when the desire to sleep is stronger.

A nude complexion to erase the signs of fatigue

After a bad night, we tend to have drawn features. To smooth the face and smooth the skin, we put on a base of complexion, smoothing and illuminating. It is applied by small touches on the wings of the nose and eyelids and then stretched the product with soft and light gestures.

User and abuse of the foundation is a very bad idea to hide the traces of fatigue. The more you have tired skin, the more the foundation will create a “mask” effect. It is used sparingly or it prefers a BB cream, lighter.

Camouflage dark circles

In her book Special Regard to Editions Marabout, Bobbi Brown advocates the use of a concealer under the concealer to appear less tired, fresher and brighter.

If you have a pale to medium complexion, you choose pink or bisque. The fishing corrector corresponds to the darker complexions. For very dark skin, we prefer a peach or dark bisque.

Be careful, there is no question of mixing the concealer and concealer, they must be superimposed. After having applied his eye cream, a corrector is placed in the inner corner of the eye, only on dark circles.

For a pro result, the concealer is applied with a brush and melted on the finger to smooth. And we fix it all with a transparent yellow or white powder for a long time!

Halt her complexion, the anti-fatigue trick

When the complexion is gray, the bronzer is our best friend. Obviously, the idea is not to be over-tanned but to create a nice and light tan, like the one we have after a weekend in the sun and that raises the “you look good!” of our colleagues.

For a natural effect, we put on the trios of powders that combine tan, blush and highlighter. What to enhance the complexion and cheekbones and brighten the face!

The red mouth to wake up the complexion

Looking bad and waking up in a hurry? We even out the complexion and just apply a lipstick of a bright and bright color. The red mouth in poppy, coral and orange tones immediately energizes the look.

If the red seems too risky, we put on a tinted lip balm. And then, the minimalist make-up is trendy so we enjoy!

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