Makeup for brunettes

Makeup for brunettes
Makeup for brunettes

Successful makeup must be in harmony with the color of the hair. The challenge for the brunettes is to find the right shades to compliment the warm and shimmering shades of their hair, ranging from mahogany to chocolate. Here are some tips to highlight your face if you are brunette.

The complexion, the most natural possible

If you have brown hair, you should choose a foundation that is closest to your natural skin tone. It is often thought that all brunettes have dull skin, but they are just as likely to have pale skin. Brown is indeed a widespread hue, both in the northern and southern regions. Light-skinned brunettes may opt for pink or beige, while dark-skinned brunettes may allow sun-kissed shades. On the other hand, avoid covering yourself with self-tanning and do not try to whiten your skin at all costs.

If you have doubts when choosing your foundation, spread a drop of product on the edge of your jaw or the hollow of your wrist. To enhance your complexion and reflections of your brown hair, do not forget to apply blush. Again, the color to use depends primarily on the complexion of your skin. Raspberry and pink nuances flatter the light complexions, while caramel or plum tones sublimate the dull skins.

Eyes, bright and hypnotic

The eyes are the most striking elements of a face. Emphasize your look with a darker makeup than your complexion to sublimate its intensity. The shades that are suitable for brown hair range from gray to gold, including hazelnut and nougat shades. But we must also adapt the color of the makeup to the color of the eyes. Brunettes with brown eyes can bet on the shades of pink, gray, chocolate or copper. Pastel shades, purple and mauve, are reserved for brunettes with blue eyes. Warm bronze or dark green tones are more suitable for brunettes with green eyes. Finish the makeup of your eyes with a touch of dark or golden mascara and a dash of black eyeliner.

In addition to makeup, you should also pay close attention to your eyebrows. To keep a natural look, opt for a dark pencil whose color highlights your dark hair. It is necessary to draw the hairs and not to color the eyebrow. To fill any irregularities in your eyebrows, draw small strokes while making sure to imitate the appearance of your hair.

The lips, red and fleshy

Your lipstick should enhance the natural color of your mouth, but also the brown highlights of your hair. Light-skinned brunettes have the choice of cinnamon, orange or red to accentuate the contrast between their sheer skin and dark hair. Brunettes with matte skin can adopt a fuchsia or plum lipstick to accentuate the dark velvet of their skin. As a rule of thumb, the softer the complexion, the more dark colors are recommended for the lips.

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