Losing weight before a wedding: 5 reasons not to go on a diet

Losing weight before a wedding: 5 reasons not to go on a diet
Losing weight before a wedding: 5 reasons not to go on a diet

For their weddings, women do their best to be the most beautiful. It goes in particular by a pretty decoration since the shop of Juliette, by a beautiful custom dress. To achieve this, they do not hesitate to make great sacrifices. Being in good shape and showing oneself on one’s best day is crucial. Losing weight and dieting is often the first on the list. Yet this decision may prove to be the biggest mistake for your wedding. This article will explain why.

Stay authentic

The reason your future husband decided to marry you is that he loves you as you are. So, do not feel forced to lose weight for this occasion. Yes, your wedding is a unique day, but it’s useless to change everything.

It is true that you want to surprise him, but it is possible that for him this change is a bad surprise. Why? He made the decision to marry a woman of your physique, but not with any other person on D-day.

Unexpected changes

Indeed, dieting before marriage may be risky. First, it can upset your wedding dress fitting session.

Second, the change of the menstrual cycle. This could be a real disaster, especially during the most important day of your life. The reason is that a diet often causes hormonal disorders that alter the body.

And finally, nothing says that by losing weight you will be more beautiful or sexier. Making such a decision the day before such an important event can be dangerous. The changes do not necessarily correspond to your expectations.

Causes unusual crises

Opting for a sudden change can lead to imbalance. All this will be felt particularly on the emotional side. Your moods of stress will quickly become a problem to manage. Especially during the preparation phase, you will have to be strong to handle the unexpected.

Dieting requires privatization. This subject is generally about food. The feeling of starvation is by no means pleasant. And again, it’s hard to bear and ignore. At this point, your moods will fail you. You will become grumpy, you will be sad not to be able to eat, you will have less motivation.

Great lack of energy

To deprive oneself of food causes many consequences. Lack of energy is a logical result of a lack of food. And yet, you are in a period of your life where you need it most.

The physical exercises you practice will be useless. They will not be effective, but on the contrary, they will weaken you more. The nutrients that your body needs to have resulted in your exercises are no longer sufficient.

Concentration problems

Memory problems can occur because of your diet. In a lack of nutrients, all your physical abilities can be reduced. Tired by this lack, the most important details can escape you in organizing your party.

Hunger often causes acute problems of concentration. That is, your brain will not be able to develop its full potential. If you really want to lose some weight, prefer good nutrition to reasonable amounts than deprivation.

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