Kundalini yoga: towards self-awakening

Kundalini yoga: towards self-awakening
Kundalini yoga: towards self-awakening

Bhajan to help young Westerners to free themselves from their addictions and especially to awaken their conscience … without illicit products! In the decades that followed, the discipline attracted many stars – Madonna, Russell Brand, David Duchovny, Rosanna Arquette, Jennifer Aniston or Miranda Kerr – which contribute to its popularity.


If kundalini yoga is currently experiencing a renewed interest – to which social networks are not totally foreign! – it’s been a few years since it is dispensed in France. The French Kundalini Yoga Federation has nearly 250 teachers. “Of course, it is difficult to know the extent of the phenomenon since not all teachers are members of our association, says Julien, communication officer of the FFKY. But it is true that we are getting more and more questions about the discipline and that the number of memberships is climbing exponentially “. Why such an interest ? Because this yoga is particularly powerful and effective. “We feel the effects very quickly,” confirms Lili Barbery-Coulon who quotes pell-mell students who got rid of migraine or chronic insomnia after only a few weeks of practice. The discipline is based on a series of exercises (kriyas) made closed eyes that combine breaths (pranayama), dynamic postures, sound (mantras), relaxation and meditation. “Yogi Bhajan has developed this technique based on the most effective yoga postures,” says Caroline Benezet, teacher. Kundalini yoga harmonizes the entire nervous, endocrine and immune systems; it activates the self-healing power of the body. The many postures would awaken the vital energy – called kundalini – which lodges at the level of the sacrum and makes it go up along the spine, activating as it ascends the seven chakras to the top of the skull.


Kundalini differs from other yogas by its musical dimension. The mantras sung for several minutes help to clear the mind. “At first, I’m a little hallucinated, remembers Marion who has been practicing for a few weeks. It’s not easy to sing, to concentrate on your breathing, to make movements. And then, after a while, we get into the rhythm and feel a real well-being at the end of the session. The songs are often accompanied by a gesture of the hands, like a small choreography. “This sung meditation makes it possible to soothe the mind and reconnect with oneself,” concludes Sylvia, a teacher in the Lille metropolitan area. Meditative techniques validated today by the neurosciences that preserve us from permanent agitation and fight against stress. What almost make us want to unroll our carpet!


In her latest book Chaos Are Born Our Stars (Flammarion), Elodie Garamond, the founder of the Tigre Yoga Club Studios, cleaves the armor and recounts her discovery of yoga that has “saved her life”. “I was so in excess, this practice reconciled me to my body and helped me to turn off my sympathetic nervous system constantly overheating to give place to appeasement, softness,” says it . And to add: “we all have in us keys of resilience”. A nice testimony in the form of a compass for those who are in doubt …

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