Kendall Jenner’s five wellness keys?

Kendall Jenner’s five wellness keys?
Kendall Jenner’s five wellness keys?

Let’s face it, Kendall Jenner is radiant. Her secret weapon: the crucial place given to well-being, as she revealed to the American “Harper’s Bazaar”. A very broad subject, to which she answered in five points. What do we think? Explanation.

Before, there were many questions about happiness. Candide evoked the idea of cultivating his garden. But this was without counting on the appearance of another very fashionable and perhaps easier to grasp notion: well-being. Meditation, yoga, do-in massage and another detox of any kind are advocated by the greatest number to soothe the body and mind. To each his own solution. For Kendall Jenner, his well-being enterprise is going through essential moments that, lived in full consciousness, are necessary to his happiness.


In a world where everything goes and changes at a crazy speed, you have to know how to lift your foot, otherwise, the burn-out is fast. For Kendall, it’s about going out for a walk: “I love being close to the ocean and I love riding. Anything that takes me out!” In reality, taking time for oneself can pass through meditation. The very fact of stopping for a brief moment to make the point makes it easier to face his life and his problems. Other little things called “subjective well-being” by psychologists can do the same. Making yourself beautiful, for example, would be one of the secrets to good health, as New York psychologist Vivian Diller said: Activities that revolve around our beauty routine should not be seen as a guilty pleasure. [… We know that at many levels, from the cardiovascular system to cell growth, relaxation dramatically decreases the natural deterioration of our body as we age.”


If spending time alone helps to regenerate batteries, it is just as important to know how to surround yourself with friends as often as necessary. “[My] job can sometimes lead to being alone (…). So during Fashion Week, for example, I am with a lot of friends. It definitely helps,” she says. But be careful not to throw your eyes closed in friendly relationships too pervasive or even bad for your own morale. There is, therefore, no hesitation in identifying toxic potential and moving away from it or at least taking a step back.


The positive calls the positive. And as Kendall says very prosaically: we only have one life! Tal Ben-Shahar, teacher and writer specializing in positive psychology, is formal: People who know how to express their gratitude are happier and more optimistic. Every night before you go to bed, you can write down a list in your head the three things that made your day. By doing this regularly, recognizing these sources of happiness will become automatic.”


A little sweet spread there, a little hour spent watching a series here – when you should be working or going to play sports… We always find a good reason to feel guilty. For Kendall, ice cream, pasta and series are his little refuge pleasures. Nothing like letting go of him to feel good in his sneakers.


“I certainly enjoy spending time away from my phone and social networks. Sometimes I even delete Twitter and Instagram from my phone to avoid temptation,” says the model. Yes, it is necessary to take a cure during his holidays or a few hours before going to sleep. These tools have as much of an impact (negative) on our sleep as they do on our concentration, memory, and stress. A good listener…

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