How to stay in good mood?

How to stay in good mood?
How to stay in good mood?

Grey weather? Cold Polar? Like a desire to stay in bed? To wake up smiling and keep up to finish the winter, the advice of our cheerful experts is good to take. Very good. Good mood assured.


We have all experienced it: in the sun, we feel so much better! Natural light is an incredible energy vector, which the body captures to bloom, synthesize vitamin D…

Why are you in such a good mood? This light is a regulator of metabolism and stimulates the manufacture of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, responsible for our feeling of well-being.

How do we do that? One goes out, bare forearms, daily (from ten to fifteen minutes, in the morning or at noon), or else one big walk a week (from two to three hours) to properly recharge one’s batteries in UV. In the case of diet decline, a targeted thalassotherapy stay is offered to increase its vitality potential. “Walking on the beach, exposure to MiltaLed, a light therapy device, hydrotherapy, yoga and meditation sessions for a holistic approach…”, explains Dr. Sylvie Tanguy, who participated in the development of the luminescence therapy, proposed by Alliance Pornic.


The yogi’s masters were inspired by this feline to develop the posture of the Marjarâsana, modeled on his attitude after a moment of inaction. “He is a model of wisdom for the stresses that we are,” says Véronique Aïache, a monotherapy journalist and author of “Art and Quiet. These cats that soothe us” (ed. Flammarion).

Why does it cheer you up? “Stretching moves energy. You reset your body gently to get better action.”

How do we do that? With four legs, legs slightly apart, arms extended and back parallel to the ground, after stretching the toes, exhale, rounding the back as high as possible, then inhale back to the original position. Repeat this movement about 15 times. Then, with the neck aligned in the continuity of the spine, raise your head to the sky and dig the back, inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose, then blow through your mouth, lowering your head between your arms. Repeat this back and forth five times before jumping a new series of breaths through the nose this time. End up sitting on heels with your arms stretched to the ground as far in front of you as possible, for 30 seconds.”

The good rhythm: in the morning or as soon as you feel a little numb after hours without moving in front of the computer.


“Walking in the wilderness restores us to our inner ecology and allows us to thrive,” says Valérie Germain, a clinical psychologist trained at Walk and Talk Therapy. a method that combines the classic therapeutic process and walking green (therapie-nature.fr).

Why does it make us feel good? The fact of reconnecting our body in space and being in our entirety helps us to get back on the right foot. The psychic moves with the step, we leave our ruminations and observe what happens to us with more distance.”

How do we do that? “You start your walk by paying more attention to your movements, body weight, feelings (wind on your skin, the sound of foliage) and breathing. In the city, at work, we are often in apnea. There, in the middle of the countryside or in the middle of the forest, it is an opportunity to observe oneself: how many slow steps I manage to make on inspiration or a deep exhalation? Can I do a little more? Can I block my breath for a while?”

The right rhythm? Ideally, at least once a week.


A follower of the American method Hal Herold (author of “The Miracle Morning”), Carra Sutherland, founder of Happy Sport & Detox (happysportdetox.com), offers a starter breakfast that changes everyday life.

Why does it make you feel good? “You clearly lay the positive and active foundations of your day.”

How do we do that? We wake up first and foremost to enjoy solitary tranquility and let our thoughts drift, before swallowing a glass of warm lemon water with a little ginger and a pinch of chili. A purifying and radical formula to regain lightness. Then one clearly states his goal of the day – for example, ‘today I would like to be patient with my children’ – and one visualizes precisely how one will proceed without omitting details. We continue with a few minutes of sports (yoga, dance, footing…). You end up calming down by reading a page of a book, or writing down how you feel, and you’re ready to get off to a good start.”

The right rhythm? Every morning, for forty minutes, if you have time, ten minutes otherwise.


The people of Okinawa Island, Japan, not only live longer but their ability to be happy far exceeds ours. What is their secret? “They recognize their balance point, their ikigai, or good reason to get up in the morning if you had to translate it,” says Christie Vanbremeersch, creative consultant and trainer, author of “Find your ikigai.” (First Êditions).

Why are you in such a good mood? “It’s liberating to put your finger on what you know and love to do, what makes sense to you and makes enough money to live on.”

How do we do it? When we wake up, we wonder what we need: ‘Who do I care about today? Of myself or someone dear to me? ‘Giving yourself this attention is the first step towards a better reason to get up. It allows us to come together rather than scattering ourselves, create a space for what we have decided to do.”

The right rhythm? Daily, because this equilibrium point changes constantly


The trampoline is ideal for strengthening, without attacking his joints, and… making ideas go away. A practice adopted by Tony Robbins, the star of American personal development coaches, who jumps on this canvas before entering the stage, in order to get full of energy. Florence Servan-Schreiber, who will lead a new workshop-experiment on the powers of the mind («surprise his brain», on 17 March at the theatre La Bruyère, Paris-9th ), does the same at home ( florenceservanschreiber.com).

Why does it make you feel good? It’s child’s play! And the feeling of having fun is much stronger than the feeling of having participated in sports,” she explains.

How do we do it? We can practice in the gym. But for those who find it difficult to follow a course with consistency, there is nothing simpler than having a mini-trampoline at home, which you just have to slip under your bed after using it. The positive effects on mood are immediate!”

The right rhythm: a quarter of an hour a day is plenty of time to tone your muscles and keep your spirits up.


“Vanity, health, whatever you want to call it, but I know there’s a very strong correlation between how I feel and how I look when I get out of bed,” says Gwyneth Paltrow in her latest book, “Natural Beauty.” (Marabout ed., in a bookshop on 1 March).

Why does it put you in a good mood? By easing your digestion, you forget the feeling of bloating and quickly regain energy.

How do we do that? For ten days, everything that could irritate the intestines, that is all the ingredients on this list, such as alcohol, coffee, dairy products, eggs, beef and pork, seafood and raw fish, are eliminated from their diet. gluten, soybeans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, bananas, white rice, corn, added sugars, peanuts, butter and margarine, rapeseed and corn oils. It gives our body a blank page, a regenerative break after which we can reintroduce excluded foods.

The right pace? With each change of season to get back on track.


Zoé Armbruster, the author of Healthy & Beautiful (First Êditions), has long lived in California. She brought back simple ideas like taking care of your skin in ten minutes, without getting caught in the head and with the ingredients you have on hand.

Why does it make you feel good? It’s great to know that you’re minimizing your expenses while being eco-conscious. You also taste the pleasure of ‘doing yourself’. You feel more creative.”

How do we do that? Try one of her favorite recipes “to get rid of the bad looks and joy”: Mix 1 tablespoon of ewe’s or cow’s yogurt, preferably organic, with 1 pinch of turmeric, then apply the mixture to the face and let sit for 5 minutes. This mask with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties leaves the skin as illuminated.”

The right rhythm: in the morning or at the end of the day, when you feel tired but ready to help.


Rebecca Leffler’s creed, charming New Yorker become Parisian, author of “Green Glam Attitude” (Éd. Marabout)? “You are what you eat” (You are what you eat). To be fine, thus it is necessary to consume healthily. But there is a snag: “the paradox of the food healthy, it is that, if she is supposed to reshape us, she begins by putting under stress us, she seems to us either complicated to cook, or ‘ boring ‘ to eat. Yet that’s not the case. We cannot only feast it but also have fun it.”

Why that puts in a good mood? “When he is fed well, the body relaxes and the brain is delighted at it.”

We make how? “We adopt recipes ‘ good mood food ‘, like this chocolate mousse: mix the pulp of 1 ripe lawyer


«Postural stretching is a re-education of the musculature that allows evacuating its inner strains by rediscovering a fluid body position, without thinking about it», decrypts Hélène Jouve, who teaches it at sea ( qee.fr).

Why does it make you happy? “You ‘live’ your body better. You awaken spaces in yourself that you are not used to knowing.”

How do we do it? Standing, parallel feet open to the width of the pelvis, we take a big breath by climbing arms. If you blow slowly through your mouth, you wind up like a big balloon. The belly relaxes, one feels his body, the weight of his head, that of the arms, one reviews his back, the rounded column. We are in a real slackening, except for the legs, in tension. Little by little, the unpleasant feelings soften. Hold this posture for a minute and a half. Then crouch down and slowly return to the upright position, folding the column. We can start over by going a little further. One emerges with a greater awareness of oneself, of its points of fragility and of its strengths.”

The right rhythm: as soon as you feel a little too much pressure.

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