How to put false eyelashes?

How to put false eyelashes
How to put false eyelashes

False eyelashes are the number one allies to perfect the look. But you still have to know how to ask them. Our video tutorial to master this gesture as a pro.
They can bring volume and length for a few hours, but false eyelashes are not accessories so obvious to master! Our step by step illustrated in the video.

False eyelashes step by step

Step 1: Before you ask anything, you must unify the complexion. For this nothing better than a BB cream, a tinted multi-caps cream that moisturizes corrects imperfections and protects the skin from external aggressions.

Step 2: To peel false eyelashes out of their box, use tweezers and gently pry them up. Before gluing them, make sure they are at the size of your eyelid and cut off the excess with a small chisel.

Step 3: Put a dash of glue on the edge of the false eyelashes. And blow 5 to 10 seconds on it, so that the glue starts to dry and that it takes more easily once on your eyelid. Put false eyelashes with your index fingers, closer to your eyelashes. In the same place as the growth of your eyelashes, so slightly taken off the inner corner of the eye. Press the ends for a few seconds to hold them.

Step 4: Pass an illuminating powder over the cheeks and temples to catch the light on your face.

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