How to make a new skin after the summer ?

How to make a new skin after the summer
How to make a new skin after the summer

Sun, sea, pool … The holiday B.O may be sweet to our ears, but much less easy for our skin – which makes us pay. To reset the counters after the summer, we follow the advice of Olivier Paris, expert and head of training Europe at Caudalie.

It’s the same every summer. A few weeks in the sun and we begin to dream. Grain skin smoothed, tanned complexion, good looks … For the so-called “problem” skin, the solution seems to be found: never go home. But we must, and as if it was not already complicated enough, there is the backlash. But why imperfections come back when we least expect them, and how to fight against? Expert and responsible training Europe at Caudalie, Olivier Paris enlighten us on this problem recur and we lavish his good advice to make a new skin after the summer.

 Why are there more imperfections when returning from vacation?

This is called the boomerang effect. In summer, the skin looks better, it feels less oily. Skin with imperfections also see the acne pimples disappear. This is because Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes for the intimate), the bacterium responsible for pimples, feeds on fat, and “dies” when the skin dries. There is also a phenomenon of thickening of the epidermis: a natural protection to better deal with UV rays. To allow the skin to continue to breathe, the pores dilate … And become clogged. After the holidays, without the effects of the sun, we start reproducing the P. acnes, the skin becomes thinner: the buttons come back like a boomerang. Not to mention that the return to town, pollution, and re-entry itself, will be a source of oxidative stress that will play a role in inflammations and accentuate the thickening of the skin.

Having exposed your skin to the sun, salt water, chlorine, should we provide a specific beauty routine?

In any case, it will moisturize! But let’s distinguish all the same sun, chlorine, and salt water. As soon as the holidays come back, we adopt an anti-oxidant routine: deep cleaning without drying the skin; the skin texture and pores are then refined with salicylic acid. It is not cut in the cream step, chosen according to its skin type (more or less moisturizing formula, depending on whether of mixed or dry type). And we end with a moisturizing mask for a truly complete routine.

For those who have spent the summer in chlorinated water, the skin has experienced a chemical irritation: be careful not to attack again. Soap-based products that do not alter the skin’s hydrolipidic film are not used – removing it would produce even more pimples. Salt water has more beneficial effects on the epidermis, but also dehydrates (we naturally realize after a swim, while the skin pulls us). The routine is the same, but we focus on the treatment of the appearance of dehydration marks.

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