How to lose weight with the apple diet?

How to lose weight with the apple diet?
How to lose weight with the apple diet?

You want to lose weight and do not know which diet you turn to have a visible result and fast? The apple diet is a diet that has been proven to lose weight. The apple is a treasure of fruit that has undeniable qualities to lose weight effectively.


The fruits are good for your health and your figure, you probably know it. But the apple is really an ally of choice for a diet. It is an appetite suppressant, natural and to consume without moderation. And all thanks to its satiating fibers that contain pectin. You eat an apple as a snack or a meal, and the pectin sends your brain satiety signals that allow you to hold longer without cracking and eating smaller proportions. In addition to pectin, the apple is also low in calories and is a very good source of minerals and vitamins. So perfect for a diet, because your body will be less vulnerable during the apple diet.


The apple diet is obviously based on apples, but not only. If you want to lose weight with the apple diet, you will need to provide little physical effort and some simple changes in your diet. The first week of dieting, you will eat an apple a day, the second week, two apples, until you get three apples a day. You can eat raw or cooked, according to your desire, provided you start your meal with this portion of apple.

Drink at most 2 liters a day, water or unsweetened hot drinks. For your meals, rely on protein, that is to say, white meats or fish. Red meat and cheese are also good sources of protein, but far too rich for a diet. As an accompaniment, vegetables are perfect for the apple diet. Reduce your rations of bread or cereals and, as for sources of fast sugars, avoid them as much as possible. Finally, do a little exercise every day, not intensively, but 10 minutes walk is enough.


The apple is a simple fruit to cook. It can be enjoyed simply by crunching in it, preferably with the skin to fill up with vitamins. It is also possible to grate and add to a salad. You can make compotes, without adding sugars, and even freeze them to always have them at your fingertips. Baked or steamed apples can accompany meat.

The apple diet is not a long-lasting diet, but ideal for losing weight fast. Usually in a week, you can lose at least 2 pounds, and up to 10 pounds if you continue for 6 weeks. But be careful not to abuse it so as not to develop deficiencies. And then, after a while, you may get tired and want to move on.

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