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How to Improve Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s seniors

Alzheimer’s illness causes an increase of proteins in the brain, which then creates structures named ‘tangles’ or ‘plaques’ that kills nerve cells to die because they stop signs and links in the brain. This may lead to an important loss of brain tissue, in addition to restraining the making of chemicals in the brain meaning that key messages are no longer sent.

There is no magical cure-all for forgetfulness, yet you can help you manage its symptoms. Here is How to Improve Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s seniors

  1. Put frequently missing items like keys or eyeglasses in a chosen place where you can find them easily.
  2. Make a note of things you forget such as phone numbers or meetings and put the note in a visible place.
  3. Oven to remember things you may forget, try extra verbal reminders. For example, you can announce loudly that you have put off the oven or closed the door.
  4. Take up memory aids such as a pocket notepad, cell phone, wristwatch alarm, voice recorder to recall your tasks and obligations.
  5. Make things unforgettable by creating visual images in your mind.
  6. Avoid nervousness and learn new relaxation and focus practices like deep breathing or muscle-relaxing exercises.Sleep deeply and Longley to rest your mind and let your brain consolidates and firms up recently obtained information.
  7.  Keep out other causes of memory loss by consulting your physician who will help you detect them (depression, stress, hearing or vision loss, thyroid dysfunction, some medications, and vitamin lack.
  8. Socialize frequently to fight off depression and stress and search for occasions to communicate with loved ones.

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