how to choose your haircut according to the face?

how to choose your haircut according to the face
how to choose your haircut according to the face

Need a makeover? Try a new haircut! But be aware that some cuts are more likely to go with the shape of your face.

Round, square, elongated or oval, each morphology of face match hairstyles to highlight the features and balance your physiognomy. To be sure to choose the right model, discover without further delay our morpho advice!

What cut for a round face?

A round face is a form of a face that has no well-structured angles. As a result, the whole face is round with, usually, marked cheekbones. When you have fine hair and a round face, the must is to opt for a short cut, but not shorter than the level of the jaw, and to have a degraded cut, just to raise the volume of your hair a little raplapla. To refine your face and “break” the roundness, do not hesitate to taper your hair if they are thick, to create a gradient that will lighten your features. Favor the long or mid-long gradient for a light rendering, especially if your hair is slightly wavy.

I have a square face

Prominent angles marked horizontal line, and broad forehead, these are the terms that define a square face. For these women, the choice of hairstyle is important. The idea is to redefine the angles of the face by bringing softness to the features. Short cuts such as the square “nappy hair” and the gradient are not to be avoided provided the hair cut at the jaw and a minimum length under the chin, or longer. However, the ideal hairstyle remains unquestionably long hair.

Oval, the dream form!

The oval face is generally considered an ideal. Slightly wide at the level of the cheekbones, it is characterized by a forehead neither too big nor too small and a thin and discreet jaw. You can imagine yourself very lucky because the oval faces can afford many things! Indeed, all the haircuts suit you. From very long to short, through the gradient or the structured square … it’s as you want, according to your tastes and desires. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid very short cuts. They would break the softness and finesse of your face. Similarly, it would be a shame to hide a pretty face shape behind bangs or other wicks. However, you can adopt the trendy fringe look if it is not too thick.

Inverted triangle

The characteristic of the triangle is to be marked by a broad forehead and a narrow chin. Concealing the forehead is essential, the easiest course would be to drop a large fringe even if this option is a classic for you. We will, therefore, propose you to opt for tapered fringes and eccentric on wavy hair or to choose the option square long or the boyish brush, the short and unstructured cuts you are also going to delight.

And the long face?

If your face is long, it looks like the oval, with a longer length than the width. It appears narrower and is generally distinguished by a large forehead and a rather thin chin. The goal will be to rebalance the volumes. To reduce the height, opt for a thick fringe or a large wick to break the long side and give volume on the sides to reduce this impression of length. Adopt a cut, neither too short nor too long, degraded, mid-long, flexible and fuzzy. Avoid cuts that are too short or too structured that would accentuate the length of the face.

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