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Healthy Dairy Foods To Eat

Tips For Including Dairy In Your Diet

Healthy dairy foods to eat

A heart-healthy diet comprises reduced-fat dairy. However, a good number of people aren’t having sufficient of this food group. Including healthy dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yoghurt in your diet not only provide you with calcium, protein, vitamins A and D, iodine, zinc and vitamins B6 and B2 needed for your health, but also helps you prevent heart disease and stroke, and decrease the risk of high blood pressure and some cancers.

Nearly all of the fat in milk, cheese and yoghurt is saturated. Reducing the amount of saturated fat you consume is essential for heart health. Thus, we suggest taking reduced-fat dairy products instead of full-fat ones. Opt for unflavored types of milk and yoghurt because flavoured types can have extra sugar in them. Eat 2-4 serves of reduced-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt every day.

Tips for including dairy in your diet

  • Take pleasure in a reduced-fat latte on your way to the job.
  • Take pleasure in a bowl of wholegrain breakfast cereal with reduced-fat yoghurt or milk, fruit, nuts and seeds to begin your day.
  • Incorporate reduced-fat yoghurt or evaporated milk in place of cream or butter during food preparation to add a creamy texture. Include the yoghurt or milk at the end of the cooking so it doesn’t split.
  • Put in reduced-fat cheese with tomato and avocado to whole grain crackers for a delicious nibble.


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