Healthiest Cooking Tips And Techniques

Healthiest Cooking Tips And Techniques

Looking to eat healthier? Let our following healthy cooking tips and techniques help get you started. Learn the healthiest cooking tips and techniques for making healthier homemade meals.

1 – Heart-Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy Fats

Use in moderation unsaturated fats like olive oil or argan oil instead of saturated fats like butter.

Reduce Salt

Many studies demonstrated that a high salt diet could lead to numerous health problems like high blood pressure.

Culinary Herbs

Use them to add taste and colour to all types of food servings. They can replace the taste of salt and oil.

Healthy food

Opt for the low-fat foods like salad dressings, gravies, lean meat cuts and skinless chicken breasts. Don’t eat fast foods, chips, crisps, processed meats, pastries and pies.

2 -Healthy Cooking Techniques


Steaming lets food to cook in its own juice and keep all its nutritious values. You can add some seasoning at the beginning like cumin or lemon juice.


Microwaving uses less or no water, and can heat foods quickly while keeping nutrients like vitamin C that break down when heated.


Baking doesn’t need that you add any fatty substance to the food just little seasoning. It is used for poultry, red meat, seafood and vegetables.

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