Health: a cure of vitalin D must be started in october

Health: a cure of vitalin D must be started in october
Health: a cure of vitalin D must be started in october

According to a doctor interviewed by the Huffington Post, to fight against winter diseases and fractures, it would start a cure of vitamin D from the beginning of October. And stick to it

Summer has passed too quickly, as have the long sunny days spent stocking fruit, cocktails and vitamin D. When autumn arrives, the sun gradually gives way to a freezing drizzle. to frizz the most docile hair, and a sky as gray as our complexion becomes. By leaving us in this way, the sun takes with it this precious vitamin D, leaving our body to empty, gradually, from what it has been able to store. This fast process leaves our body deficient in vitamin D fissa, and this has negative effects on our body. This is in any case the warning of Brigitte Houssin, doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and author of Vitamin D, instructions for use, interviewed by the HuffPost.

“The lower our vitamin D levels, the more severe and frequent the diseases we contract,” she explained for the site, “it really helps the body to supplement itself, for the good health of the body. This vitamin is useful against muscle pain and strengthening the immune system. ”

So how do you get the necessary dose of vitamin D?

The specialist recommends taking ampoules for adults and daily drops for children, to be taken only after blood test if you want to be reimbursed by the Social Security. We then prefer a light bulb every two months, or every month if we are deficient. Brigitte Houssin says even propose cures every week, in certain particular cases. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor to find the right dosage for you.

And if the idea discourages you, you can still continue to expose yourself to the sun during the winter months, even if the positive effects are not really felt, in France, if you live above the Loire . To synthesize Vitamin D correctly, the HuffPost to remember that one would have to live seven months a year in the sun … To say that one is far from it. In short, your bulbs!

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