Green Spaces Improve Seniors ‘Health

Green spaces improve people’s psychological health at whatever age, and especially for seniors.

A British study conducted by British researches included 8 people of + 65 years old who wore transportable devices that recorded their brain activity while walking in both busy and green urban places. The researchers found that green places influence positively the elder mood and brain activities. They noticed a transformation in levels of enthusiasm, engagement and even frustration after being in green spaces that were calming and quieter.

Other studies proved that elders ‘physical activity in green spaces helps enhance moods, avoid depression, diminish anxiety levels and get better cognitive function. Researches confirmed that an additional 30 minutes spent in green places enhances the mental restorative effect.

It seems that walking or exercising in public places, and even looking out a window into a garden or wood or just watching pictures of nature may participate in the drop of anxiety and the improvement of mental health among seniors enduring chronic anxiety or agony.

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