Good dealerant mine cream – exotic verveine

Good dealerant mine cream - exotic verveine
Good dealerant mine cream - exotic verveine

Take care of your skin with this fresh cream velvet touch and the fresh and tangy smell of exotic Verbena. A delight of cream rich in Lavender hydrosol as well as exotic organic Carrot and Verbena oils reputed to allow the first applications to nourish, restore good looks and naturally quench the skin. A complete facial and body care.

For all skin types (face and body)

Benefits: Thirst-quencher, nourishing, looking good, refreshing, refreshing

Preservation: ~ 6 months (made in perfect hygienic conditions and stored away from air, heat and light).

For 100gr.


POWDERS: sprinkle while stirring energetically to avoid lumps. Let stand a few minutes and mix again.
PIGMENTS / NACRES: Pre-mix them with a liquid ingredient of the same phase before incorporating them to obtain a homogeneous color.
BUTTER / SOLID OIL: to liquefy, pass the container under a trickle of hot water or melt in a bain-marie. Without scale, 1 tablespoon of solid butter ≈ 5mL.
CONSERVATIVE: always add it last, cold, little by little while waving.


1. Transfer PHASE A to a bowl.

2. In another bowl, transfer PHASE B.

3. Heat both phases in a water bath at 70 ° C. Without a thermometer, PHASE A must be completely melted and PHASE B quivering.

4. Get out of the fire. Transfer gradually and steadily shake PHASE B into PHASE A until the cream whitens, homogenizes and thickens.

5. Place the bowl in a bottom of cold water. Continue vigorous stirring for a few minutes to obtain a smooth emulsion.

6. Add PHASE C, ingredient by ingredient. Mix.

7. Transfer the preparation to your container.

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