Food supplements to fight against fatigue

Food supplements to fight against fatigue
Food supplements to fight against fatigue

Food supplements to fight against fatigue From a formlessness to an almost permanent lassitude, the term fatigue qualifies many states. Apart from a proven pathology, nutrition can do a lot for you.

A healthy lifestyle to avoid fatigue

Among the precipitating circumstances of fatigue, excess work comes first, followed by stress and increased physical activity. In short, almost everyone can find good reasons to be tired. But the margin is narrow with true asthenia. Also, remember that fatigue is defined as a reversible decrease in the functional power and excitability of the body, following the effort but disappearing at rest. While in case of asthenia, rest does not provide satisfactory recovery. Health capital remains the best prevention against fatigue. At first, it’s about (re) finding a diet adapted to the activity of each. A healthy and balanced diet can be enough to give a little boost to your body and your morale. It is advisable to avoid the anarchic meals suitable to the blows of pump. Similarly, the use of excitants is not a good solution, they mask fatigue without treating it. You do not have to boost your tone at all costs or risk reaching the limits of exhaustion. We must try to resist the constraints and daily tensions by providing, during the day, periods of calm and relaxation (nap, sport, reading, relaxation). Rest, sleep, physical and sexual activity are great remedies for fighting fatigue.

Fill up on vitamins and minerals Dietary

supplements combining vitamins, minerals and trace elements act on the substance and in the long term. They allow to recharge the batteries gently, they are suitable for all types of asthenia. Each vitamin and mineral element fulfills one or more specific roles, often they act synergistically. Each situation corresponds to a precise oligovitamin program. After researching the causes of your fatigue, choose the right combinations. The recommended product should be as close as possible to the symptoms you are feeling.  

Beneficial combinations of supplements to fight against fatigue

You will get good results with vitamin C, a stimulant of the nerves and muscles and a booster of immune defenses. In case of stress and nervous tension, B vitamins are benefactors; in addition, they ensure a good use of sugars, fats and proteins brought by the food. Their action is reinforced by the presence of manganese and copper. Antioxidant vitamins are interesting because they oppose the dangerous action of free radicals in all organs. These are vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and vitamin E which act synergistically with selenium and zinc. Magnesium ensures neuromuscular balance and neuromuscular excitability of the cells, iron is essential to prevent certain anemias.

Find energy with dietary supplements

Tonics, psychostimulants …, their use aims to erase the load of fatigue, their use is conceived only transiently. Amino acids They are arginine, lysine, L-carnitine, glutamic acid … They are useful in cases of intellectual overwork, intense physical effort and convalescence. Energizers are recommended in functional and reactional asthenia, especially those related to stress. In children, a cure can be beneficial in the spring and at the end of the school year. They are to take in cure of two to three weeks. Non-amphetamine psychostimulants They are indicated to remedy the harsh living conditions with insufficient sleep and an unbalanced diet. The duration of treatment is limited to four weeks.

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