Eye contour: How to choose an effective concealer treatment?

Eye contour: How to choose an effective concealer treatment?
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The circles and the pockets under the eyes, no thanks. But how to put all the chances on his side with cosmetics? Professional advice to choose your concealer.

There are difficult mornings when you wake up with your eyes swollen and surrounded. Sleep deprivation is the primary cause of dark circles.Too much salty food and fragile blood vessels also explain the appearance of dark circles and pockets. Some people even have dark brown rather than blue rings because of a genetic factor.

Apart from sleep and a balanced diet, a good organic cosmetic can also help you fight dark circles and pockets. But how to choose an effective and natural eye contour care? It must be composed of plants known for their decongestant action. Here are 3 particularly interesting plants that must contain your eye contour to overcome your dark circles, pockets and fine lines of the eye contour!

1) The Bleuet: recognized for its anti-dark-circles properties

Field Blueberry is a known medicinal plant for treating eye complaints. Because of its incredible discomfort, it is interesting to use it in a care against dark circles. It can also be easily integrated into its beauty routine by using an organic Bleuet Floral Water in addition to a delicate eye makeup removal with vegetable oil.

2) euphraise: soothes swollen eyes

Less known than Bleuet, euphraise is a medicinal plant also known for treating the eyes.Often used in eye drops, it acts on tired and swollen eyes thanks to its calming, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

3) Sweetly: activates blood microcirculation

An effective eye contour should help decongest the area around the eye. The melilot is a plant that by its toning action, will reactivate the circulation at the level of the blood capillaries of the eye that gives it this aspect of blue or hematoma.

The eye contour is a particularly sensitive and fragile area, the skin is indeed very fine. To choose a quality eye care, avoid as much as possible petroleum-derived oils (Paraffinum liquidum or Petrolatum). Unlike natural vegetable oils, mineral oils have absolutely no benefit for the skin. Always choose your eye contour with 100% natural and organic ingredients to avoid toxic substances such as endocrine disruptors and synthetic preservatives.

Last but not least, it is very important to apply your eye contour correctly, otherwise you may make the problem worse. The trick: avoid dark circles and eyelids for an optimal disconcerting result!

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