Exfoliation or peeling: which one to adopt?

Exfoliation or peeling: which one to adopt
Exfoliation or peeling: which one to adopt

Between exfoliation and peeling, your heart swings? If both are methods of exfoliation, their process differs, as do the results obtained. To help you make a choice, zoom in on the differences that characterize them!

Why exfoliate your face?

The pores of the skin are often blocked, especially in the face. They then tend to expand. Sometimes even there are black spots and pimples. Nothing very aesthetic, therefore. A simple cleaning does not help to overcome. This is where the exfoliation comes in! Goal? Remove dead cells to refine skin texture and promote the absorption of creams.

The operating mode of the face scrub

Commonly declined as a gel or cream, the face scrub incorporates fine particles with abrasive powder. It is, therefore, a process of mechanical exfoliation. Abrasion is activated through movement and finger pressure. This technique cleans the skin thoroughly and purifies the pores. It also participates in cell regeneration and microcirculation. Whether your skin is sensitive or not, we advise you to opt for a gentle exfoliation based on sugar grains or apricot kernel powder, for example.

The mode of operation of the facial peel

As for facial peeling, it is not mechanization that operates, but chemistry. This treatment consists of the application of an acid, which will act to dissolve the superficial layers of the skin. It is true that said like that, it can scare! As for the scrub, this technique can unclog pores, in addition to smoothing the epidermis. But it requires more precautions. First of all, if you have sensitive skin, we advise against attempting the experiment. Then you have to know that there are different degrees of peeling: superficial, medium and deep.

The deep peel, very aggressive, is rather intended for the middle-aged people wishing to attenuate their wrinkles. It must be practiced by a dermatologist and be done under anesthesia. The average peel is done in the office. As for the superficial peel, it can be done both in the office and at home. This type of product, weakly concentrated, is in fact over-the-counter. But do not forget that it contains chemical agents … As a precaution, perform a test before applying it all over your face.

You now know the differences between exfoliation and peeling. Whether your choice is one or the other, you radiant complexion! However, do not do this too often, as this may break the natural balance of your skin. The maximum frequency is once a week for the exfoliation, and once or twice a year for the peeling depending on the degree chosen.

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