Dry point treatment

Dry point treatment
Dry point treatment

For damaged hair, forked and brittle, we know: nothing can replace a good cut! But to take care of your damaged tips, tame them, and prevent breakage by protecting them, here is a simple recipe that has proven itself.

The ingredients I need:

– coconut oil

– aloe vera gel

The preparation :

Nothing’s easier ! Take a dab of coconut oil. Its solid texture at room temperature makes it easy to work. Add one or two aloe vera gel pumps and spread the mixture between your hands. The heat of your skin will melt the coconut oil, which will make the mixture creamy.

The application:

Apply on dry hair, on lengths and ends only. Be careful not to put too much, which would weigh down your hair. The bonus? Your hair will be delicately scented with coconut oil.

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