Dry hair: 10 tips to fight against damaged hair

Dry hair: 10 tips to fight against damaged hair
Dry hair: 10 tips to fight against damaged hair

Not easy to get rid of her dry hair permanently! So to find a shiny and healthy hair, follow the tips of our pro and say goodbye to your damaged hair.

Whether the hair is natural or colored, it can have a dry tendency. This phenomenon is explained by the secretion of insufficient sebaceous glands. Deprived of natural protection, the cuticle dries and deteriorates. The scalp takes on a dry appearance, the dehydrated hair fiber from the inside becomes rough and the hair dull and unruly. As time goes by, the lengths and ends of the hair weaken and dry up. It is therefore necessary to treat them well.

1. Choosing the right products

First, it is recommended to use a shampoo treating dry or very dry hair, rich in essential fatty acids and micronutrients, perfect to restore the lipid barrier and restore suppleness, softness, docility and shine to the hair. What you should know is that anti-dandruff and volumizing shampoos – often formulated for a hair with a greasy tendency – will tend to dry out the hair fiber. In addition, never use a moisturizer that is not suitable for hair so as not to grease. Creams are specifically designed to nourish without weighing down the hair.

2. Space shampoos

In the absolute, washing your hair every two or three days is quite enough, especially when dry. Washing them daily may tend to grease them because of the acceleration of sebum formation.

3. Pampering her hair

Follow this little ritual. Opt for a conditioning shampoo specifically formulated for dry hair. Then, one to two times a week, alternating with a moisturizer without rinsing, apply a mask on the lengths and ends, then surround your hair with a hot towel to accelerate the penetration of the active ingredients in the hair fiber. Leave for a good five minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

4. Rinse with cold water

It is advisable to rinse her hair with cold water to give them shine so as to close the scales. In addition, carefully rinse shampoo and care is also essential for a healthy and shiny hair.

5. Pay attention to drying

When drying, it is imperative not to stick the tip of the hair dryer on the hair themselves. The hair dryer should be positioned in the direction of the scales to close them and maintain their shine. In finishing, a breath of cold air makes it possible to fix and to give material. Regarding the straightener, today most are equipped with ceramic plates for the respect of the hair and some are even ionic so as to keep all its hydration.

6. Regularly cut the ends

Short hair is often brighter because more “young” than the lengths that have already grown for six months or a year for example. In this sense, cutting them eliminates forks and damaged tips that tend to tarnish the hair and therefore the whole of the hair.

7. Protect your hair from the sun

It is necessary to think of the sunscreen to protect one’s skin, certainly it is imperative, one must not neglect his hair! They also need special attention to counter the aggression of the sea, salt, wind and sun that tend to dry the hair to give it a straw look. Specific sun care (ex: Multi-functions) to spray all over the hair, protect the hair from these aggressions and can even be used as repairing care on dried hair before drying.

8. Use a suitable brush

For brushings, the ideal tool is the ceramic thermal brush that will respect the hair fiber. And everyday, better to favor the detangling brush pimples or boar hair for fine hair for example.

9. Attention to colorations

From the moment these techniques such as colorations, discolorations, wicks or scans are performed by professionals, the products used are designed to respect the hair and sublimate it, so no danger. Depending on the regrowth, do not hesitate to redo your color every three to four weeks. As for scanning, everything depends on the expected result (effect of roots, veils …).

10. Adopt the right actions on a daily basis

To strengthen the hair fiber, there is now a cure of one month to do preferably before the changes of season (winter and summer). In terms of nutrition, there is not really a miracle food, but note that a healthy and balanced diet will always be reflected positively on your hair. Finally, for optimal efficiency, it is very important to apply your wick masks to the wick, avoiding the roots and mixing the hair well and rinse well by finishing with a jet of cold water.

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